12 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. B Hewson

    Interesting in the Examiner, parents wealth and education still impact a kids chance in life. Who would have thought…

    1. Marian

      Correlation/causation lost on them. In the UCC bar that day. It’s a pile of sh*te rag with a very weird Cork complex throughout. Even more boring and right-on left than the oirish toimes. All they want is Micky Martin in power and feck the lot of yiz. Aside from the dead ideology, there’s still a bit of life in the aul hearing aids/life assurance/cruise holidays/interior decor advertising game. Of all the counties I’d hate to live in, Cork is by far my #1.

  2. Malta

    Clicking on the Irish Times brings you to an enlarged version of The Sun : top notch trolling, Broadsheet!

  3. Nigel

    That Daily Express headline is way more sinister than the scary clowns with chainsaws. I think the Daily Mail had a similar one?

    1. Caroline™

      Is it a crime now to love your country so much you just want to lock the doors and scream at everyone in the room to shut up?

      Only a deluded globalist could object.

  4. louislefronde

    Ah the Irish budget, it seems is business as usual in Knackerland (a country previously known as Ireland but dominated by a circle of corrupt developers, politicians, and vested interests since the 1960’s)

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