25 thoughts on “Card É Sin?

  1. Ultach

    Splutterinaí indeed. I love that it’s “Exclusive” to “Tesco ROI”. They wouldn’t get away with that up north where we insist on the sweetest Ulster Irish :-)

      1. Ultach

        Jailge isn’t that bad (I know enough jailgeoirí to know, and some of them are quite good, some excellenter than even me, I say with no modesty at all and deliberate ironic poor English). No, this is simple Google translate. Machine translation can’t take account of implied context. While the computer might know there are different ways of saying “To” and “the both” and “of you”, it has no way of working out which of the multiple ways of saying these things are appropriate in a given context and in relation to each other. Not at present anyway. If any of our non-fluent and/or still learning brethren (and sistren?) (I mean that in the most inclusive and welcoming sense possible before anyone goes off on a “purist elitist” rant) are interested, one of the correct possible translations is “Don bheirt agaibh”. Other versions are available and welcome. Have a go!

        1. Tony

          I agree, the energy around Belfast gaeilge is heartening and the best of luck to their endeavours.

          “Don bheirt agaibh” would be my version and “daoibh bheirt” is also great but more munster. “Daoibh beirt” would be how I would say it, without a seibhiú

          1. hansel

            Yeah I don’t speak Connemara or Donnegal, so would always be daoibh bheirt.

            Definitely the séimhiú for me though: I’m not very strong on grammer but that’s how I would say it.

          2. Ultach

            There is a great social life through Irish in all parts of Belfast, including the loyalist east (google Linda Ervine), and it’s not just Irish classes. There’s yoga, singing, some weird tai chi type of thing that I’m not too sure about myself, dancing, a great radio station (Raidió Fáilte), a cycling club, drma, a gaa club, walking clubs, cooking clubs, loadsa youth activities, and much more. Same for Downpatrick, Armagh, Dungiven, Derry, Magherafelt, Cookstown, Monaghan, Maghera, Toome, Ballymena, Dundalk … that’s just the places I know.

          3. Caroline™

            So is there a séimhiú in it or not? Is the spelling of séimhiú also open to debate? Genuine questions.

          4. Tony

            I have always found that the séibhiú (séimhiú) can be present in the written version, but missing in the spoken one depending on dialect. Donegal would be different to Connemara. Beirt ban, bert bhan.. I have heard both and not sure which is caighdeánach..

          5. Caroline™

            I don’t like that these things can be played around with. This is why my reception at the ciorcal comhrá is always a little frosty.

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