Singalonga Data


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Australian video artist Nick ‘Pogo’ Bertke’s personal tribute (yes, that’s him throughout) to the musical ouevre of Star Trek TNG’s science officer and captain. To wit:

Data & Picard is my tribute to one of the greatest TV series of all time. It is an original track featuring the voices of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander Data (Brent Spiner), accompanied by a music video I shot entirely in my living room with a green screen and lights. The track opens with the Klingon Victory Song, followed by a remix of Data singing Che Gelida Manina in the episode ‘In Theory’. This episode was the first ever to be directed by Patrick Stewart and I didn’t realize this until after the track was finished.


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8 thoughts on “Singalonga Data

  1. Joe Cool

    Look buddy if you want to be famous you could just sleep with a kardashian or something, anything instead of this

  2. Fully Keen

    Excellent makeup, catchy song, perfect costumes, the lighting is amazing. I like his enthusiasm. Fair play to him. Serious work to make this look this good.

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