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Australian video artist Nick ‘Pogo’ Bertke’s personal tribute (yes, that’s him throughout) to the musical ouevre of Star Trek TNG’s science officer and captain. To wit:

Data & Picard is my tribute to one of the greatest TV series of all time. It is an original track featuring the voices of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander Data (Brent Spiner), accompanied by a music video I shot entirely in my living room with a green screen and lights. The track opens with the Klingon Victory Song, followed by a remix of Data singing Che Gelida Manina in the episode ‘In Theory’. This episode was the first ever to be directed by Patrick Stewart and I didn’t realize this until after the track was finished.



‘In some cases it can be hard to determine if a song has been violated, while in others the rip-off is clear.’

Ten of the most outrageously blatant rip-offs in popular music.

Above, Public Enemy’s Security of the First World.

Not – repeat, not – Madonna’s Justify My Love.