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Gareth Naughten writes:

Michael Bublé brought the house down when he visited The Late Late Show studio recently. On Friday night, viewers will get to see the Canadian troubadour in action as he performs a recent hit and one of his classics; and he chats to Ryan Tubridy about life on the road now that he’s a father of two.

Chatshow host and comedian-turned-crime novelist Graham Norton will discuss life as one of the UK’s most beloved TV presenters….

Four-time All-Ireland winning Kerry footballer Kieran Donaghy will discuss his stunning career on the pitch and how he achieved those feats while dealing with a turbulent home life.

Donal Skehan pops in to talk about building his ever expanding empire

We celebrate the legendary Joe Dolan with a very special performance by country star of the moment, Nathan Carter, as he duets – via the magic of archive footage – with the late Mullingar crooner on his classic hit ‘Make Me an Island’.

*Kicks telly*

Late Late Show, this Friday, RTÉ One at 9.35pm.

Pic: Daily Telegraph

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32 thoughts on “Staying In Friday?

  1. missred

    Donal Skehan is building an empire – so that means going from How To Boil An Egg to How To Make Toast

    1. Donger

      He talks through recipes in the tone normally reserved for talking to 2 year olds. Treat your audience like stupid and you’ll probably end up with a stupid audience I suppose.
      As for RTE’s other chef man, the Daniel O’Donnell of cooking, Nevin Maguire-wtf? He was in a vineyard in the Rioja region recently. Had all the apparatus cranked up in front of him-I eagerly awaited some tasty Spanish cuisine but no. Nevin chucks a few wings in the deep fryer and lashes on a bottle of franks hot sauce. THIS HAPPENED!

      1. missred

        He’s a nice lad and he took it very well when Mario Rosenstock (quite unfunnily) did a caricature of him as being a spoilt brat behind the scenes, even joining him on stage. But god almighty you are right, it’s as if he is instructing the alphabet through sing-songs in all his shows….

        1. Donger

          I saw an episode where he slowly explained how convenient it was to keep a small bag or even a little box for rubbish nearby when prepping food zzzzzz A BIN! ITS CALLED A BIN

          1. missred

            Next thing he’ll be telling us to be careful with the scissors. Speaking of Bosco, there was a song I cannot quite find on youtube, where they all sang: “And it all goes in the litter bin, into the litter bin” . This, if you can manage to come across it, is the manner I imagine he is speaking to his viewers

      2. Kieran NYC

        To be fair he started out in a boyband so I’m sure that’s how he was trained to present.

        He showed up presenting some Food Network series over here with Tia and/or Tamara from Sister Sister a while back. Fair play to him, the adorable little tyke.

      3. Peter

        As a 2 year old I resent that remark as it assumes we only respond to being spoken to in a simplistic manner.

        As soon as I can write, there’ll be a letter into someone at some position of massive power, maybe ombudsman, about your remark.

        For now, I can’t ready either so you get a pass.

    2. Not Gerry Adams

      this thread is gold – Donal Skehan recently did a recipe in the Irish Times’ Saturday magazine… for a toasted sandwich. I think the big selling point was that he called it “The Elvis” and it had peanut butter and bacon in it.

      1. mauriac

        DS had a version of Martha Stewart’s one pan spaghetti meal in the Irish Rail free mag that looked good(fup loads of pots , draining,homemade spaghetti etc. ).I’ll report back.

  2. Charlie

    He gets some serious guests but I just can’t bring myself to watch the unfunny Graham ‘sharp intake of breath’ Norton anymore.

  3. Neilo

    When Michaela Bublé, Grace Norton, Ciara Donaghy, Nathania Carter and Daniella Skehan have new product to plug, I’m certain that RTE will address this heinous offence against the quota inspectorate.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    If I’m going to watch Graham Norton on a friday night, it won’t be on the flippin’ Late Late.

  5. Frilly Keane

    Between that snobby prod from Bandon Norton and that gouling diving gimp from Kerry
    Tubs can rely on me not switching off the iCloud


    1. Kieran NYC

      Ha. Of course you’d have a thing against protestants.

      How could I ever have assumed you wouldn’t.

      Which came first? That or your support of SF?

      1. Frilly Keane

        Back in the day
        When we’d be out n’ about like
        Norton was always known as the snobby prod

        That’s what I’ve always known him as

        I’ve no problem wi’where I’m from
        Or who I am

        What about you Ky

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