Where I’m Bound



The late guitarist Rory Gallagher is to be honoured with a new statue outside the Ulster Hall in Belfast, where he performed many times over the years and where there’s already a plaque in his honour.

Gallagher’s birthplace  of Ballyshannon in Donegal has a life-sized bronze statue, while Cork where he was raised, named Rory Gallagher Place after him in 1997. There have also been several commissioned street-art tributes, plaques and a bid by citizens to rename the airport after him.

Rory Gallagher to be honoured with statue outside Belfast’s Ulster Hall (Planet Rock)

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17 thoughts on “Where I’m Bound

    1. scottser

      dead right
      we should actually just stop mucking about and rename the country ‘roryland’ and have done with it.

  1. Starina

    am i the only person on this island who finds his music hoary, bland and samey? it’s pretty run-of-the-mill white blues.

      1. Peter

        As a guitar player I will forever be in awe of how Rory played. He, SRV and Jimi are the only players that I can actually see pour emotion into the instrument. They rarely played the same song the same way twice and could just flow off on a tangent in a way where you felt the instrument was just an extension of them.

        Having said that, purely on a ‘song’ basis…I don’t altogether disagree with you. Stevie and Rory wrote a lot of tracks that, especially in the studio versions, could be on the bland side, the lyrics could also be a bit contrived. Blues, anything other than the roots, often runs a thin line between sincerity and cliche, well IMHO of course.

    1. Pip

      As is so often the case, the early stuff is the most important.
      He became sad when it turned into a business, or summat.

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Bands usually make it to the second or.third album before going down the toilet, although there are exceptions.

    2. rory

      Refreshing to hear that opinion. Presumed everyone was mad about him. I gave Rory Gallagher a go because of a couple I know, (who met at the Rory Gallagher festival about 8 years ago. Who got engaged at the festival 5 years later*. Now they’re married and have a baby on the way.) I liked one or 2 of his songs a little** but yeah, I don’t feel any real connection to the music. Which is a long, conflicted way of saying I agree with you.

      *A festival which I attended btw. If you thought Rory Gallagher was run-of-the-mill white blues, wait until you hear a Rory Gallagher tribute act. The festival was still fun though, even before the great news.
      **Maybe the album version of Cradle rock, if it was a good deal shorter, and the live version of sinnerboy below.

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