The 2016 Oscar winning live action short film by Irish writer/director Benjamin Cleary – now available to view online in its entirety courtesy of the New Yorker.

Thirteen minutes well spent (if, God forbid, you’re using a regional masking browser plugin), to wit:

…a young London typographer named Greenwood (Matthew Needham) stutters to the extent that verbal conversation is difficult. When he tries to resolve an issue with a service representative over the phone, he can’t get the words out; the operator, gruff and impatient, hangs up. (For surliness, she rivals the operator in the old Yaz song.) When a woman approaches Greenwood on the street, he uses sign language to avoid talking. But in his thoughts, which we hear, he does not stutter.


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8 thoughts on “Stutterer

  1. Fully Keen

    Only available in America I’m guessing? Copyright is so dumb sometimes. These artificial walls online are just annoying.

    *flicks on tunnelbear*

  2. Serval

    I don’t find it very entertaining and/or fulfilling to listen to people stuttering, unable to get words out.
    In fact it’s quite painful, so I won’t be watching this film.

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      “The uncomfortable subject matter makes me uncomfortable.”

      Fair enough, I guess. I’m the same when it comes to horror films, although I never approach horror films expecting the receive an insight into, or alternative understanding of, the life of a psychotic slasher killer or paranormal being.

      But each to their own.

      1. Mr. Camomile T

        Ignore my comment. It is invalidated by a typo. I even read the damn thing twice before posting it…

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