For Your Consideration: Unsolicited Advice From A Failed Male Poet



Alvy Carragher writes:

You’ve shared my videos a few times, this is one about a poem (‘Numb’) you’ve previously published which was trolled quite horrifically. It’s called Unsolicited Advice from a Failed Male Poet. And there was an article put up on the Guardian about it for a bit of background.

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12 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Unsolicited Advice From A Failed Male Poet

  1. Dόn Pídgéόní

    Good for her. I will never understand people who take time out of their day to send such bile to other people or those who instantly doubt other people’s stories about sexual assault. Total trolls.

      1. Tony

        Trolling and satire are unrelated things. Also – go easy on nuns – nobody had internet in the 1980s.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          People like human had to settle for licking bus windows back in the 80s. A purer time some might say.

  2. Bort

    This isn’t very good at all, her previously posted poem is actually very good. Can’t really see how the previous poem was horrifically trolled. Except for a few people who said they didn’t like it and we’re instantly accused of misogyny.

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