Meanwhile, Off Libya



Sea-Watch rescue reports:

An intervention by a speedboat, labelled as Libyan Coast Guard, during one of today’s rescue operations caused several deaths today in the Central Med, 14nm off Libya.

During our first-aid delivery for a rubber boat with approximately 150 migrants on board, a Libyan Coast Guard vessel arrived and attacked the refugees, entering the rubber boat and hitting them with sticks.

Our two speed boats were furthermore beset aggressively, preventing our crew from further providing life vests and medical aid to the people in need.

The violent intervention of the Libyan Coast Guard caused a situation of mass panic on board the rubber boat in distress, in the cause one tube of the rubber boat collapsed, causing the majority of the 150 people to slip into the water.

Our crew immediately tried to rescue as many as possible but a binary number of people could not be saved. 4 bodies were recovered onto the Sea-Watch 2, another 4 unconscious people are currently receiving medical treatment. 120 refugees could be rescued aboard our vessel.

This latest incident of alleged Libyan official units endangered not only the crew of rescue volunteers but moreover caused the death of many migrants. By now it is very unclear why Libyan Coast Guard engaged the way it did. Sea-Watch calls for an immediate and detailed solution of this violation of humanitarian law.

The crew of the Sea-Watch 2 is presently still engaged in rescue operations of multiple refugee boats in distress, all staff is working at capacity. Additional information is being assessed and will be provided in the cause of the day.

Via: Libyan Coast Guard attack on Sea-Watch rescue operation causes multiple dead (Nando Sigona)

‘Libyan Coast Guard’ craft attacks migrant boat, at least four dead: Sea Watch NGO (Reuters)


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      1. hansel

        Yeah but binary means base two. Maybe decimal would mean “in the teens”.

        Either way, yeah that’s unfortunately the thing my own persnickety mind latched onto, too.

  1. postmanpat

    It must be opposite day. Do the Libyan Fire Brigade also lock people in buildings and set the buildings on fire?

    1. ALisonT

      I woudl imagine lots of boats with Libyan Coast Guard written on them are in the hands of other groups. There has to be a lot of video of this event so when it is released things may be clearer.

  2. jimmy russell

    this is racist the people of Libya freed themselves from the evil tyrant Gaddafi with the help of President Hillary Clinton they are an independent and free democracy we cannot enforce our western values upon them they have their own culture and we need to respect that.

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