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What if Joyce had never met Nora?

What if Roy Keane had gone back to Saipan?

What if acclaimed artist Annie West created a buke around these and other What Ifs?

And what if Annie did this with a host of glittering essayists?

What If? (New Island Press) is a new compendium of elegantly fun drawings by Annie and alternative endings to famous stories “bringing to life an imaginary world turned upside down”.

Includes essays from Liz Buckley, Turtle Bunbury, Dr Dean Burnett, Charlie Connelly, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Robert Cullen, Barry Devlin, Myles Dungan, Tara Flynn, Tom Foley,  Jim Lockhart, Declan Lynch, Cathal MacCoille, David McCullagh, Dearbhail McDonald, Frank McNally, Feargal Murphy, Sheila O’Malley, Lorna Siggins, Colm Tobin and ‘sheet ricksmith John Moynes.

In all good bookshops NOW.

Available to order online here

Or at Amazon here

Annie West

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    1. Tony

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