Free Tomorrow?




A rally in support of a the AAA-PBP private members bill to repeal the 8th amendment will take place outside the Dáil at 5.30pm.


ROSA (Reproductive rights against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity) are organising a bus to take supporters from Cork to Dublin, for the rally.

More details here

Rally to Support AAA – PBP Bill to Repeal the Eighth Amendment (Facebook)

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36 thoughts on “Free Tomorrow?

  1. Listrade

    Hey bodger, if you’re going along to the protest, don’t forget to include a placard with Trump’s comments on abortion:

    “Trump said he’d appoint anti-abortion judges who will overturn Roe and then “the states will then make a determination”

    That’s from the debate where he “destroyed” Hillary. Remember when you posted that video? Good Times indeed.


    “I hate the concept of abortion”.

    He said that one when debating Ted Cruz.


      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Trump is the darling of Wikileaks. They’re censoring the dirt they have on him because Assange likes him (and his gropey, cheating, tax dodging, anti choice, abortion punishing ways) and doesn’t like Hillary.

        1. Starina

          and Bodger has apparently become a Trump fan, or else doesn’t quite get the boundaries of ironicism.

    1. DubLoony

      The citizens assembly won’t decide – oh you mean the other, outsourced non-constitutional one?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        More outsourcing of answers to Ireland’s abortion “problem”!

        First century superstitions overriding 21st century science.

          1. Mayav

            If I may, supporting choice recognises that a zygote is a mere zygote with the *potential* to become a human being. Opposing choice is all based on personal emotional sentiment.

          2. newsjustin

            Deciding that a zygote isn’t worthy of human rights is, as you put it, based on personal emotional sentiment. It’s a value judgement, not a scientific one. No scientific judgement says “this life is less/more disposable than another.”

          3. Mayav

            Recognising that a zygote is distinct from a realised human being is merely acceptance of reality/science. It is logical/scientific to deduce that something which is not a realised human being should not be afforded the same rights as an actual realised human being. I see you are trying to say that your ignorance is as valuable as my knowledge. That is quite an insulting and arrogant stance to take which is an unfortunate and unhelpful route for you to take in discussions.

          4. Daisy Chainsaw

            Deciding a woman is equal to a zygote is out and out wrong. Men would never accept being reduced to equality with sperm and all the health threats that go with it. Men and children don’t have to be forced to wait for treatment until the chance of dying tips over 51%, yet the zygote dictates the treatment a pregnant woman is entitled to because the 8th amendment gives a potential period equality with a sentient woman.

          5. newsjustin

            A zygote or foetus are fundamentally different to a sperm Daisy. That’s very basic science.

            Mayav. Nobody questions the science (except maybe Daisy, see the point above). A zygote is different to a foetus is different to a six month old baby, etc. You’re assuming that, because they’re different, one is worthless. As I said, that’s a value judgement, not a scientific one.

          6. Mayav

            “You’re assuming that, because they’re different, one is worthless.”

            Worth, when it comes to the intangible at least, is subjective. It is a scientific fact that a zygote is distinct from a human being. It is a purely emotional decision to equate the two in terms of worth. Seeing that they are distinct and thus subject to different perceptions (or worth) in others is basically maths.

          7. newsjustin

            “Worth, when it comes to the intangible at least, is subjective.”

            Yes. That’s what I’ve been telling you.

            Saying a zygote is a zygote is scientific. Saying that one should abort a zygote is not.

          8. Daisy Chainsaw

            You’re saying a living, sentient, woman or girl is more disposable than a zygote. Why don’t you consider men disposable in the same way? Let’s force a 12 year old boy or an otherwise healthy 35 year old man to wait until the chance of death through cancer or another illness tips into 51% or more. Lets wait for a male rape victim to threaten to kill himself before he’ll be treated for the trauma and even then, let’s have 6 doctors look at him in case he’s lying about being raped and or injured as a result of it. Let’s make men more disposable than zygotes too

          9. Mayav

            “Saying that one should abort a zygote is not.”

            That’s a really big hole in your argument. Nobody is saying a zygote SHOULD be aborted. People are saying that it is not a human being and as such, if its existence is problematic for its mother, who is an actual human being, and she thinks ending the life of the zygote is the best way of solving the problem, then that option should be open to her. That is a position based on science and reason and empathy to bring this full circle and back to the comment which offended you.

          10. newsjustin

            “You’re saying a living, sentient, woman or girl is more disposable than a zygote. ”

            No Daisy. That’s certainly not what I’m saying.

          11. Daisy Chainsaw

            Would you accept the life of men and children being put on the same equal footing as a zygote? Would you accepted waiting until your chance of dying tipped into plus 51% before being entitled to treatment?

          12. newsjustin

            Mayav. That’s not a position based on science, as you claimed. It is based on empathy for a mother who wants an abortion (as you now claim, since you’ve had to widen the goal post).

        1. Mayav

          “More outsourcing of answers to Ireland’s abortion “problem”!”

          Outsourcing. It’s the Right Wing Way. ™

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            You can also choose to sit over the left wing if you pay in advance for your seat via and

        2. Mayav

          ‘A zygote is not a human’ Science.
          ‘A zygote does not have the same needs and challenges of a human and therfore has different rights to a human.’ Science. This isn’t complicated. You seem to be arguing emotionally. You seem to be trying to imply that the pro choice arguments are as bad and personal as your own. They are not.

    2. Boy M5

      “Wouldn’t they wait for the citizens assembly to decide?”

      The powerless distraction talking shop of old biddies and mass going men in their 60s?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Not every human develops the potential to be born. There are miscarriages being flushed today because the human was treated as a parasite by the host and ejected due to the secretions of hormones mere days and weeks into the gestation where the host may not even be aware of the human. No external help required.

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