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Salthill Beach, Galway, County Galway

John Gallen writes:

Two seal pups, Lilo and Tinkerbell, were released back into the sea… Tinkerbell was the smallest pup they’ve had to nurse at 6.5kg when found.B oth were found along the Galway coast and nursed in Wexford and returned to familiar seas. The two women who found the pups got the honour of opening the container box / cage to set them free in the sea again.It was quite lovely in fairness :)

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7 thoughts on “Unsealed

  1. Mary

    …and all the caring onlookers subsequently went off and ate some animal flesh while discussing how happy they felt that the adorable seals were out swimming in the ocean again.

    Such caring people they were.

    (Any vegans present at the event are obviously excluded from my rant).

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        Mary, allow me to start
        On a matter that’s close to my heart.
        Every Vegan pumps
        More guff than ten Trumps
        And I’m not a fan of that fart.

        Eat some meat, grow up.
        – Fecking Morrissey… will that man EVER go away?

  2. Niallo

    Yay, some cute animals have been saved :)
    Now they are free to rejoin their overpopulated ranks and contribute to the ecological disaster that is the irish maritime environment.
    Soylent green anyone ?

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