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Alanna Kennedy tweetz:

Lunch at St Vincents University Hospital. Given to a patient who is IMMUNE SUPPRESSED. Utterly disgraceful & no wonder I’m not getting well!

Further to this…

Aleesha Tully tweetz:

Can anyone identify what this person was served for lunch at Vincent’s Hospital today? Answers on a postcard @SimonHarrisTD


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47 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Bigspottedcat

    My partner was in Vincents acute care for the past 3 nights.

    The food is a disgrace. And they throw the plates down like its a zoo. Spilling food onto the floor and not bothering to clean.

    I was shocked

  2. Yeah, Ok

    I don’t see what them being immune suppressed has to do with this except if you mean by cooking the absolute sh.te out of it there won’t be any bacteria on it?

  3. Murtles

    I’d say it’s either yesterdays left overs OR left under heat lamps for ages. Immuno suppressed patients can eat meat as long as it’s not raw or undercooked. No fear of that here. Cut around the grizzy bits though.

  4. Not Gerry Adams

    doesn’t look great but what’s the issue with being IMMUNE SUPPRESSED?

    She’s probably never seen a bit of fat on a cut of lamb before.

  5. Vote Rep #1

    Beef jerky obviously.

    I would have thought the likes of that would be better for some who is IMMUNE SUPPRESSED. Would they prefer some pink beef? While nicer, it is far more likely to have bacteria in than a bit of well cooked tyre.

      1. Mayav

        So it IS private? :P Either way, saving money really should not be coming into your head much when you’re feeding people.

  6. Caroline™

    I’m not a doctor, but this former carbon-based life form poses no risk to the human immune system. They’ve even taken the precaution of flying it to the centre of the sun.

    1. Starina

      i’m guessing it’s the complete lack of nutritional value that has caused the alarmed capital lettering?

      1. Caroline™

        I’m not sure it is. Nutritional deficit more likely to be something that builds over time, not something you could fairly call out due to one single… are we calling it a meal? Having said that I don’t know what the nutrient retention factor would be for whatever they did to that poor animal – I actually think it’s probably still quite nutritious. I do know that foodborne diseases are a big problem for the immunosuppressed, and that would only take one dodgy bite of food.

  7. Paps

    I feel like we’re only seeing half the plate..

    Also what does being IMMUNE SUPPRESSED have to do with anything?

    Have you checked your privileges recently?

  8. Dee

    I think the OP’s point is that the food is not nutritious if cooked to this extreme level, rather than that it will damage her immune system. But in fairness, this looks extremely reheated or as though it has been unattended, probably at various temperatures, under heat lamps. I’d rather take my chances with a freshly seared bit of oozing red beef.

  9. Kolmo

    Why not tip along quietly to Borza in Sandymount before visiting…5 euro, problem solved with all 5 important immune necessary lard groups included

  10. iseult

    You’d exert more energy trying to chew & digest that then you would gain from that piece of shoe leather

  11. Markgdub

    Like many others, I am not making the link between immuno-surpressed and this food.

    Do they expect to be served a selection of fine foods from Guillbaud’s?

    1. papa p

      “Immunosuppression is a reduction of the activation or efficacy of the immune system.”

      “What exactly is causing the meat-induced inflammation? Inflammation is an immune response to a perceived threat, but what’s the body attacking? At first, scientists thought it might be the animal protein, which is thought to be the culprit in certain types of arthritis. However, similar inflammatory reactions were triggered by whipped cream, which is mostly just animal fat. After digging deeper, investigators discovered that after a meal of animal products one’s bloodstream becomes soiled with bacterial toxins known as endotoxins.”

  12. fran

    this beef was cooked possibly 2 days ago then reheated. its dry to the bone but its probably perfectly edible. its not a Michelin star restaurant. you might be dam glad of it someday your shtuck!

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