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At The High Court, London.

Actor Johnny Depp’s dining table in Los Angeles, USA taken at some point in 2013 reportedly before lunch.

Pot Noodles (out of picture).

A pint of whisky and four lines of cocaine for lunch: Johnny Depp’s libel trial is shown a picture taken by Amber Heard of his skull and crossbones ‘pill box’ and mountain of drugs and alcohol (Mail Online)

Pic via Mail Online


Alanna Kennedy tweetz:

Lunch at St Vincents University Hospital. Given to a patient who is IMMUNE SUPPRESSED. Utterly disgraceful & no wonder I’m not getting well!

Further to this…

Aleesha Tully tweetz:

Can anyone identify what this person was served for lunch at Vincent’s Hospital today? Answers on a postcard @SimonHarrisTD