The One You Can’t Have



YouTuber pannenkoek2012 found what was thought to have been the last coin in Super Mario 64 in 2014, to great rejoicing from hackers and programmers obsessed with unravelling the twenty-year-old game’s secrets.

Or did he?

Allegra Frank from Polygon writes:

Somewhere in the enlarged version of the Tiny-Huge Island course lies a line of just four coins. That’s unlike the rest of the game’s rows of five coins, writes pannenkoek12 (on his second account, UncommentatedPannen). The reason for this? The invisible fifth coin spawns and gets stuck approximately “49 units below the ground.”

The whys and hows of this truly impossible coin are explained in exhaustive detail over the course of the nine-minute video. Some of this will go over the heads of any who’s never studied game design or programming, and it’s not quite as fun of a watch for the rest of us without pannenkoek2012’s trademark vocal stylings. The dedication that he has to the ins and outs of Super Mario 64 is pretty remarkable either way, though — and completionists now have another reason to dive back into the game.

Alright, so.

*blows on cartridge*


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11 thoughts on “The One You Can’t Have

  1. Harry Molloy

    I don’t get people who need to get 100% in a game.

    I love games like uncharted and tomb raider but once I get through the story line I’m done. Wandering around trying to stumble across every single treasure isn’t my bag.

    1. Marklar

      His videos are more about how games are designed and broken. Mario64 became the defacto game for speed runners which has led to people putting great deals of time into simple things like the above coin missing, as figuring out why it is not there might lead them to understand the game better and complete it quicker. It’s not something I would be into but each to their own. Another crazy video by this guy that will maybe give more insight into this world:

  2. Graeme

    It amazes me how much Mario 64 has caught on as being the main game that’s been hacked to bits and back again and again. It’s nearly impossible to watch speed runs of it done by humans never mind the computer assisted ones.

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