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It was only a matter of time, really.

In case you missed it, that lovely NES clone Nintendo released before Xmas – in numbers to small to be deemed reasonable – has been hacked.

After an initial work around the machine’s save state system allowed for the addition of more NES games, a simple plug-and-play tool has been developed already to add games to the device quickly, easily and with full metadata to complement the machine’s new interface.

That’s what they get for driving up demand by understocking, in fairness.

H/T Kotaku


Announced this morning at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Super Retro Boy.

A clone of the Nintendo classics, that plays all your Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games, with a new HD screen, ten hours’ battery life and a bundled cartridge of new games for the classic handheld machine.

Available this August via retro hardware lads Retro Bit.




YouTuber pannenkoek2012 found what was thought to have been the last coin in Super Mario 64 in 2014, to great rejoicing from hackers and programmers obsessed with unravelling the twenty-year-old game’s secrets.

Or did he?

Allegra Frank from Polygon writes:

Somewhere in the enlarged version of the Tiny-Huge Island course lies a line of just four coins. That’s unlike the rest of the game’s rows of five coins, writes pannenkoek12 (on his second account, UncommentatedPannen). The reason for this? The invisible fifth coin spawns and gets stuck approximately “49 units below the ground.”

The whys and hows of this truly impossible coin are explained in exhaustive detail over the course of the nine-minute video. Some of this will go over the heads of any who’s never studied game design or programming, and it’s not quite as fun of a watch for the rest of us without pannenkoek2012’s trademark vocal stylings. The dedication that he has to the ins and outs of Super Mario 64 is pretty remarkable either way, though — and completionists now have another reason to dive back into the game.

Alright, so.

*blows on cartridge*



Coming up at 3pm:

Nintendo announce their next videogame console, off the back of the commercial disappointments of the tablet-based Wii U.

Codenamed NX, it launches in March, and is rumoured to be a hybrid of home and portable consoles.

Expect: a new name, early looks at games and explanation of the tech. All will be revealed in an episode of Nintendo Direct, the company’s online video magazine, going up shortly.

More as we have it.


Nintendo Switch is coming March 2017! Catch the Preview Trailer and visit https://t.co/j4Unm459lg for more details. pic.twitter.com/EV7zPiVf35

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) October 20, 2016

Just announced this minute on Nintendo of America’s online presence, but not Europe’s for some odd reason, despite being heavily advertised across the company’s UK social media.

Say hello to the Nintendo Switch – a game console playable across several form-factors, from home console, to handheld device, to novel self-contained mini-machine.


Announced earlier this year, Nintendo’s re-releases its iconic NES videogame console next month.

Packed with 8-bit classics like the Super Mario Bros trilogy, the first Zelda, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong and more, the console has been bumped up to HD, and allows for instant game-saving, a nod to the old-school difficulty of the games.

Avaiable for pre-order now at various game shops for €65-70.


A split-screen comparison of gameplay on the original NES and the new box.

Should you find that NEScessary.


Suit yourselves.

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