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Are you a muso with a rare album fetish?

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Keelin writes:

I know you don’t usually do this, but we at Dublin Book Festival would love to offer a pair of tickets to your readers, for the event Buried Treasure: Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowned albums at the Smock Alley Theatre on Saturday, November 10/

2fm DJ Dan Hegarty, who is the author of Buried Treasure Vol 2: Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowned Albums (Liberties Press) collaborates with dozens of pop culture icons to create a book that explores hidden gems in the music industry.

Her will be joined by Cormac Battle (vocalist with Kerbdog and DJ on 2fm), Bronagh Gallagher (singer and actress), RTÉ Radio Producer Ian Wilson, and journalist and author Tony Clayton-Lea…

To enter, just tell us what is YOUR favourite forgotten/overlooke/uncrowned album and why?

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

Buried Treasure: Overlooked, Forgotten and Uncrowned Albums

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4 thoughts on “Here Be Treasure

  1. Leoppold Gloom

    My favourite forgotten/overlooked/uncrowned album is My Computer – No CV. They were then and still now a massively unheard of band. But for a few 2-3 line reviews I’d read in a couple of magazines at the time I’d have missed them completely.

    It got some decent reviews, and it had John Leckie on board producing so I hunted it down. It was mad swirling, cacophony of sounds that feels like its been diligently stitched together with great care and precision but equally at times like it’s been cobbled in a shed in manchester (which it at times was)

    I listen to it thinking i’m the only person who knows this album. I gave it to a friend years ago and he loved it and failed to get it back. I spotted it in Tower in the bargain bin years later and bought it instantly. We may be the only 2 who ever bothered listening to it on these shores, and we’ve since fallen out but the album is still bloody brilliant.

    Here’s the long, bewildering Boy I Used to Be (Listen carefully for a dog after 2/3 minutes)

  2. scottser

    the boomtown rats – the fine art of surfacing.
    the album a ten-year old scottser learned to play drums to and still never tire of. it’s musically seamless from one track to the next and follows the mutt lange listing formula so it plays like an ac/dc album. just when you thought they couldn’t out-epic ‘rat trap’ they go and end the album with ‘when the night comes’, featuring one of the cleverest twin-lead guitar breaks i’ve ever heard.
    i own this album in every single format, including mini-disk just in case.
    at the time of it release smash hits gave it a 3/10.

  3. Odockatee

    Simple Kid – 1 would get my vote. Really good debut album with really great songs like Truck on, Staring at the sun, Average man and Supertramps & Superstars. My personal favourite is The Commuter. Seen him live years ago and he invited people in the audience to do a song. I guy got up and sang this and belted out the line “I said to my boss, go f*ck yourself….”

  4. Laura O'Herlihy

    Jason Falkner ‘Presents Author Unknown’
    Who? I hear you cry. This debut album from the former drummer with Jellyfish- is a power pop gem. The melodies are super catchy and hearing them is like an instant shot of serotonin to the brain. Jason wrote, produced and played pretty much all of the instruments on the record. It’s radio friendly in the best possible way with gorgeous layers of instruments & vocal harmonies. This man should be a household name, at the very least in houses fond of the Beach Boys, The Beatles and Teenage Fanclub. Sadly the streets of music land are paved with heaps of brilliant records that didn’t catapult their makers to fame. Go seek this out though, it sounds as fresh now as it did in 1996.

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