7 thoughts on “Small Things Ahead Of You

    1. Gero

      I like her. You don’t like her. Some people like her. Other people don’t like her. You not liking her doesn’t matter to those who like her. I actually think I like like her! You obviously don’t like like her at all at all. Thanks for listening! Byeeee.

  1. nellyb

    Spot.On. If you watch Daily Show with the new host – he struggles with what Emma said. Awkward around ample cleavages and he knows it and he knows it’s rather obvious :-)

    1. Boy M5

      Cleavage is different to big boobs.

      Cleavage on show is the same as men who have a button too many open on their shirt.

      It’s a statement. It’s not as passive state of dress and as such is seeking a reaction. So if men look, they are merely reacting to a subconscious trigger. It’s natural. Men likes boobs, women like chests. Get over it.

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