“Jesus, What the Hell Is Going On?”



Sent in to RedFM this morning.

Writes ‘Concerned Parent’:

I was sent this video last night. A young lad being attacked by another young fella with a crutch on Grand Parade. Jesus, what the hell is going on?

H/T: RedFM

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29 thoughts on ““Jesus, What the Hell Is Going On?”

  1. manolo

    I do sometimes sympathise with the idea of public flogging followed by lifetime community services liking public toilets.

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      And the hands down the grey tracksuit. There’s got to be a connection between grey tracksuits, public fondling of one’s self and violence.

  2. human

    The dude on the ground had information that could lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest and the crutch was paid for by the DNC.

  3. Neilo

    I dunno, Jeremy. I was in A+E on Sunday night and the amount of young fellas coming in with the heads bate off them was terrifying. Every last one of them a pr1ck with ears, mind, and most – if not all – donning the activewear mentioned by Jake.

    1. jeremy kyle

      Had a similar experience in the Mercy in Cork about 2 months ago. 15 hours waiting in A+E was made all the more ‘interesting’ by the band of scum, on of which was in for a curious injury to his knuckles.

      Anyway, felt bad for front line staff who have to deal with that everyday.

  4. Anomanomanom

    Genuinely, would anyone complain if the garda were legally allowed use “force” on scum like this.

    1. Kieran NYC

      You know exactly who’d complain about police brutality, political policing and it’s the gubberment’s fault they’re scumbags.

  5. Bertie Blenkinsop

    What type of cowardly animal hits someone when they’re already flaked out on the deck?

  6. Scundered

    Get them all locked up for attempted murder, can’t argue with that footage. Shouldn’t take too long to identify all the scumbags taking part in it.

  7. TC

    If he is caught he will be sent to Osberstown where he can really create havoc as his “Human Rights” will have to be respected. Certainly no punishment and definitely no solitary confinement or locking “children” in their rooms at night. This infringes “children’s” civil rights.

    Two of the “Children” armed themselves and went on a roof. Riot Squad had to be called in in order to quell what was one of a numebr of incidents there over the past few months including a serious fire. The two last night probably weren’t allowed out to trick and treat.

    Scum are scum and need to treated as such so that the general public have their human rights protected .

  8. Scundered

    Until the law starts putting the rights of the innocent and the victims first and foremost, we will have to put up with this vermin being let out time and time again… What about our rights to a peaceful safe environment? The rights of the large majority should be placed as more important than the human rights of one scumbag.

    This is llargely due to judges and solicitors who want these people back on the streets for regular paydays… but most of all blame the parents.

    1. manolo

      “rights to a peaceful safe environment”? No, no such thing. These guys know the law better than us, they play it to their advantage all the time and we have no choice but to watch and get outraged – just as some well known wealthy people . So we have people on both ends of the spectrum milking it and laughing at the people paying up. There is no legal recourse to address white collar and grey track suit crime.

      1. Scundered

        I didn’t mean we had that right, only that we need it to be introduced and used to keep these scumbags behind big doors :)

  9. Bricoleur

    Last Tuesday night whilst leaving a gig in Whelan’s I saw a bouncer on the door of a club on Liberty Lane take part in similar scumery.

    He knocked a punter to the ground with a punch, then continued to punch and kick him while he was down with the punter’s friends trying to drag the bouncer off him…same kind of brutality killed Brian Murphy outside Annabels in 2000.

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