19 thoughts on “No Cyclists Need Apply

  1. POC

    No they cant discriminate like that but they can weed out the dry shites who dont have a sense of humour.

    1. mamma roma

      Apply POC, you sound like the right kind of servile sock puppet who would find himself right at home surrounded by dunces and blinkered untermensch with a misplaced sense of importance. Buy yourself a personality and an education with the bonanza.

      1. Neilo

        Your reference to people working in one of Ireland’s few successful companies as untermensch -untermenschen, surely? – is odd. What’s wrong with making money through cheap flights, anyway?

        1. Boy M5

          “Ireland’s few successful companies”

          There’s thousands of successful Irish companies, many of which are run by normal balanced people who have respect for their fellow person and don’t feel the need to make everything about themselves. You’ll find that highly skilled and decent people tend to work for them too.

          O’Leary is essentially an insecure child. And although Ryanair is huge, it is but one idea.

    2. Turgenev

      “Don’t have a sense of humour” = willing to laugh weakly with a touch of a whimper when some millionaire sneers at what you are, yes?

      1. GearĂ³id

        “willing to laugh weakly with a touch of a whimper when some millionaire sneers at what you are”


    3. Chris

      ‘Dry shites with no sense of humor’ is what I imagine O’Leary would yell out as he milled them down in his Maybach.

  2. Boy M5

    Michael O’Leary has no sense of humour. Sneering insults is not humour. It’s not sophisticated. It’s the rambling verbal slither of someone who is spending their life in fear of failure.

    He must have had a harsh parent who he is still trying to impress.

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