Welcome To Galway




Leanne writes:

An exchange between dog owners just encountered while holidaying in Galway City, ending with “and go back to your own fucking country, you foreigner. The Trump effect is already in full swing”


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57 thoughts on “Welcome To Galway

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Its always a bit weird when people seem so keen to make the correction. They are the same race so it can’t be racism. Xenophobia is hardly better

  1. Gearóid

    Guy breaks by-law and is very rude about it.

    She shouldn’t have said that, but she had every right to f*ck him out of it.

    1. irishstu

      I looked at the only bye-law I could see about dogs on leashes in Galway was if they are on the beach. Nothing about weight.

      1. Cheech

        From the Galway City council website:

        “6. As of August 1st 2008, dogs are not permitted on Galway City beaches or their waters between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm during the months of May, June, July, August and September.
        Before 9 am and after 8 pm during May to September, dogs are permitted on the beach provided they are on a leash and are not causing danger or nuisance. This bye-law relates solely to the Galway City beaches of Salthill, Grattan, Ballyloughane and Silverstrand and to their waters; the Promenade is not affected by its introduction.”

        1. irishstu

          So not a beach, it’s November, nothing about weight. And 3 pounds is a really, really small dog. Like a puppy chihuahua

        2. Clampers Outside

          ” This bye-law relates solely to the Galway City beaches of Salthill, Grattan, Ballyloughane and Silverstrand and to their waters ”

          Hmmmmm…. well, it’s not Salthill….
          …..it’s not Grattan…
          …..and it’s not Silverstrand…
          …..and I’m near 100% that’s not Ballyloughane either…

          Hah! That’s funny in fairness.

      2. DD

        The council should provide little weighing scales at strategic points along the waterfront. Who knows whether or not little FrouFrou has been piling on the ounces recently?

    1. Mr Reality

      Hurting from the election whitewash, the Hillary trolls look for solace anywhere they possibly can

        1. Cheech

          That CunningHiredKnaves lad seems sound enough, might go wallow in his comment section for a bit…

    1. Kieran NYC

      Looking forward to the load of hypocritical posts coming from Bodger over the next few months. Abortion, sexism, racism, homophobia…

      Seems angry populism will be supported at all costs at Broadsheet Towers. Fair play to Bodger for being able to make the mental gymnastics from Paul Murphy to Trump.

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        And hopefully he, and BS, are reminded every single time. Fupp these guys who have no idea what others might lose or just don’t care.

  2. backomebollix

    passed to the Guardai I trust? Not much use here is it?

    Still, she has a very soothing voice for a racist.

  3. Clampers Outside

    noun: Bodger-baiting or Bodger baiting

    a sport in which irate Hillary supporters draw Bodger from his sett in Karl’s den and kill him, illegal in Ireland since never, because Bodger’s no badger.

  4. Eamonn Clancy

    What exactly is wrong with telling someone to go back to where they come from? And foreigner is not a bad word.

  5. jonjo

    Haha never heard of that law myself, i’m sure if she read it from a statute book it might have been converted to metric by now :)
    She sounds like joan burton!!

  6. nellyb

    West of Ireland nursing homes are staffed wtih minimum waged immigrants. I think she kinda forgot that.

  7. Bort

    Regardless of who you are or where you come from when you’re in a country (sometimes county) not of your birth some **** will give you grief. Even me, white male. Northern Ireland circa 1982 to present day “F*ppin Freestater, Mexican etc” Austria 1998 “F*pping foreigner” Limerick 1999 “Go back to Dublin” Germany 1999 “F*ppin Irish” Canada 2000 “What is with you f*pping Irish?” USA 2001 “No Irish allowed” Australia 2004-2008 “Too many to list” London 2012 “What’re you looking at you f*pping Paddy ****” Glasgow 2014 “Fenian ****”

    The only time I was 100% welcomed anywhere was in Poland and France for the Euros because you know €€€€€€€€€€€ ching ching!

  8. Leopold Gloom

    If her dog is only 2 pounds, she should have it taken off her for neglect as it’s clearly being underfed.

  9. Whatever

    The collective wailing over Bodger’s posting of some Wikileaks posts is hilarious. A collection of precious generation snowflake whiners one and all.

    Hilary lost. Had she not shafted Bernie, they might have a different president this morning. But she did, and they didn’t. Get over it petunias.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Don’t know about you but having David Duke, leader of the KKK, support you isn’t something to be proud of. Poor Julian, so oppressed!!! They should have droned him but no he had important risotto receipes to share with the world!!

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