6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Celtcia’s College Green

  1. DubLoony

    Missing the Luas track currently being built outside Trinity College.
    Removes the historic wall & railings outside old parliament building (are you nuts?!)
    And adds in a fountain – historically a feature that we either chuck rubbish into (Anna Livia O’Connell St) or fill with soap bubbles (Thomas Davis, this morning)

    As a video goes, dark and a bit boring.

  2. Nollaig

    Too much emphasis on old maps, just a few pics of proposal for the area, which are too dark. The video itself and the proposal lack originality, and to me it feels like attention is being drawn away from them with unrelated quotes from speeches, because the visuals are so poor. The visuals should speak for themselves (perhaps with background music). Sorry but you asked!

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