Three days ago.

Derry native James McClean puts Ireland on top of their World Cup qualifying group .



This morning.

Where’s Derry?


Thanks Colm Dore

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23 thoughts on “Was It For Tix?

    1. Thomas Russell

      Seamus Heaney.
      Mary McAleese.
      Coming here from other countries, taking our jobs as poets & Presidents

      Right enough, Mary (An Dún) had no vote in the election that made her President.

  1. Terry Crone

    Surprises me, the amount of reactionary mean-spirited (presumably youthful) comments on Broadsheet.

    Maybe it’s unsurprising that the political culture of a state founded largely on abandoning citizens in one province has quite a high number of I’m-alright-Jack Thatcherites. Fair play, in fairness.

    Reminds me of a late-’90s benefit for South America, when an English comedian derisively asked his well-heeled, right-on, southern audience if they’d any interest in the events up on the Garvaghy Rd that morning.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Or maybe it is people knowing that there is a delicate tricky relationship between FAI and IFA who don’t like their players (and I’d presume their fans) getting poached and have complained to UEFA and FIFA about it.

    2. Rob_G

      Dear Terry,

      It’s because of po-faced whiny gimpdaws like you that we don’t give a sh1t about the North.


      1. Terry Crone

        Dear Rob

        Thanks, but we’re in Ireland too, have been for a while, as aerial photography suggests

        Aim your double-think partitionist selfish complaints at Google Earth


        1. Rob_G

          A Terry, a chara,

          Why would you want to join with us when you feel that we are “a state founded largely on abandoning citizens in one province has quite a high number of I’m-alright-Jack Thatcherites. ”

          Surely you would rather remain detached from us well-heeled, right on southerners, whom you hold in such contempt, and who seem to hold you and your sense of national identity in contempt, also?

          Is mise le meas,

          1. Terry Crone

            “Largely” isn’t even predominantly, in fact it’s probably no more than when those fellas (Tyrone Tom, the one living in Ardoyne, the one living on the Falls who presciently warned of long-lasting counter-revolution, and the other four) signed a Proclamation expressing the inalienable right of the Irish people to self-government “cherishing all of the children of the nation equally, oblivious of the differences carefully fostered”

  2. Zaccone

    These sorts of delusional complaints always amuse me. Northern Ireland as a separate state is almost a century old, and the majority of people who live there want to keep it that way. And the majority of people in the Republic of Ireland don’t care either way.

    Things aren’t going to change, short of both N.I. and the RoI being absorbed together into some sort of fantasy EU federal superstate. That distant outcome is probably Republican Nordies best hope of “reunification” at this stage.

  3. Steven K

    Derry is in the UK, Whether the senator likes it or not.
    The FAI allows any resident of the UK to register on the website.
    He has the option to register his NI address or, if it pains him to click UK, he could register his Dublin office….

    1. Steven K time-travelling to 1916 in a DeLorean fuelled by hypocrisy

      Ireland is part of the UK, whether the Irish ones there like it or not. They need to get over it.

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