Free Saturday?




From top: Oliver Callan: John Moynes

As part of the Temple Bar View festival (November 16-20)

Callan Kicks City Hall’ at City Hall, Dame Street, Dublin 2 at

A variety show featuring Broadsheet poet laureate John Moynes.

Sez the View:

Ireland’s premier satirist Oliver Callan headlines a variety show with a difference. John Moynes and James Cotter are both writing contributors to the RTÉ Radio One show and James also directed the Rubberbandit’s Guide to 1916 this year.

Special guests will be the award-winning musical comedy duo Totally Wired, who’ve contributed to the cultural life of Temple Bar for over a decade, while MC Paddy Cullivan is a both a writing contributor on Callan’s Kicks and ‘curator’ of this year’s View Festival.

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Callan Kicks City Hall

21 thoughts on “Free Saturday?

  1. Neilo

    Ah, Oliver Callan: the poor man’s Jon Culshaw, if Culshaw were an untalented SF stooge. John Moynes would be much better value!

    1. Kieran NYC

      Yup, but he’s now on the RTE team, which means they’ll keep making programs for him no matter what until one of you dies.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Sorry, I know you’re a self confessed West Brit but that’s a bridge too far for me Ted.

          2. Neilo

            The ‘RA and their fellow travellers are happy enough to dish it out – they can get some back from me, too.

          1. Neilo

            Heh! Listen, Bertie, I hope we’re square: sometimes my desire to clobber a particular ‘tradition’ causes the red mist to descend something fierce!

  2. bisted

    …Callan’s kicks has to be the best thing since Scrap Saturday…and if Moynes had anything to do with the recent Pascal Donohue as Forrest Gump sketch I take back all the awful things I almost said about him…

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