Wheels Of A Legend



Have you seen this bike (above)?

Lisa writes:

Could you please ask people to keep and eye out for this bike (above) it belonged to our mate Timmy (top) who died a few months ago and we want it back.. it means a lot to us to be ridden on the streets of Dublin by someone Timmy would have wanted to ride it..

Timmy worked as a push bike courier in Dublin for 24 years – 72,000 hours on this bike.. It’s covered in stickers from all over the world some gifts some Timmy got when at bicycle events in those countries…it was stolen in the Portobello area ..

It’s a standard Trek road bike …there is a weld spot near the crank, it’s not worth a whole lot to anyone but us ..Thank you very much.


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8 thoughts on “Wheels Of A Legend

  1. martco

    not seen the bike unfortunately but I recognise that jersey, Kelly in his pomp era I think

    will keep an eye out

  2. Spud1

    On a related note, I spotted a group of around 6 skobies cycling stolen bikes through Clontarf yesterday at around 9pm…. followed by a car speeding in the same direction.
    Not sure if it was chasing them, but looked like it was with them. Probably involved in scouting the area or involved in break-ins. (Nov is usually worst time for burglaries).
    Only knew they were stolen because they almost got killed cycling in the dark through a junction (shame they survived in hindsight) and a very brave woman actually ran after them and one of them let go of one of the bikes.

    That particular bike still had it’s bike lock around the seat. Even if you leave it in your back garden, lock your bikes folks! hopefully it’ll put off some of these opportunistic scumbags.

    Hope you get that bike back Lisa.

  3. Vinny Doyle

    I’ve had the honor of working with Tim for the past 16 years.When he passed away it was the hardest kick to the stones I’ve ever got, then to learn his bike was stolen was almost unbearable.


  4. Scundered

    Only met the man once when two of us ended up back at his for beers years ago, a real gentleman and one of the great characters of Dublin, great storyteller. There was a cool red Colnago sitting in the livingroom. Really hope you get the bike back.

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