Know Your Fake News



Fake News Alert – a Chrome extension that flags sites known for spreading ‘fake news’.


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First review?

“This should be re-named as the Liberal Media Bubble Defender, the only thing the creator did was add some right leaning websites to a list, there is no algorithm or method, it’s a simple bias list.”



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10 thoughts on “Know Your Fake News

    1. ivan

      That’s unfair, though we’re STILL waiting for that revelation that’d have us all screaming for HRC’s blood….

      1. Kieran NYC

        Not a peep out of Wikileaks or Assange since Nov 8th.

        Proves that their goal was to throw the US elections in Trump’s favour all along.

      1. Bob

        In the same way you’re attracted to articles you disagree with so that you can pretend to be apathetic while taking childish swipes at other users.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s biased though.
    Would much prefer an algorithm-based tool which alerts you if a website has not been updated in six months, twelve months etc. The amount of expired content out there is shameful.

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