A wee shindig to fundraise for the Abortion Rights Campaign has been announced for the Kino, Washington Street, Cork on December 12, including panel discussion with Paula Larkin, Tara Flynn and Julie Kelleher + more TBA.

Plus a screening of Dirty Dancing (1987).

Doors 12.30pm.

Any excuse.

Southern Hospitality Board

10 thoughts on “Rebel The Eighth

    1. Nigel

      Just going by the headline in the link, are the Repeal campaign making the same mistake of being targeted by WikiLeaks and the FBI?

    2. rotide

      As much as that piece is a pretty biased pro choice piece, it’s an interesting contention regarding the ‘right thinking media’ compared to the US election.

      However in both cases, I’d say that the majority of those people with a voice, voiced their opinions (and the right ones according to my own thinking). Bodger and a lot of people here however would say that in one case it’s MSM Corruption complicit in attemting to electi a crook, but in the other its just the right thinking masses being afforded their say.

  1. Peter Dempsey

    Saw a girl with a green rucksack today. Repeal the 8th was scrawled on it. She had blue hair and bright red doc martens.

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