Mad About The Toy



Gareth Naughten writes:

With just two weeks to go to The Late Late Toy Show, the teaser debuts on RTÉ One tonight but here’s a sneak peek (above) before it goes live! This year’s teaser sees The Late Late Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy unleash his inner Sinatra as he hopes to impress a panel of mini-judges with a special lip-sync version of the modern festive classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You”.


The Late Late Toy Show, Friday, December 2 at 9.35pm.

8 thoughts on “Mad About The Toy

  1. Turgenev

    Best thing last year was that gorgeous feisty little girl who broke through the sugary vision with her anarchic rhymes, made me laugh like a loon.

    I hope – but without much hope – that this year for the first time the girls won’t be treated as little honey fairies.

    1. Neilo

      I don’t need to play that clip to know that Ryan is playing dress-up as a Camelot insider. The Chairman of the Board would have cleaned that dork’s clock.

      1. ivan

        let’s just be thankful that his initial pitch (dress up as JFK and bang a Marylin lookalike as the Two Cathedrals episode of the The West Wing played in the background) was turned down…

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