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Earlier this afternoon.

The Dáil was suspended after AAA-BPB Mick Barry raised the selection of Independent Senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh (top)  – who was nominated for Seanad by Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin – as chairman of the new 20-member water charges committee.

Martina Fitzgerald, of RTÉ, reported on News At One:

“Basically, they’re unhappy that Padraig O’Ceadaigh was selected rather than elected as chair of this special water committee that’s going to to examine the findings, the recommendations of the expert commission that’s currently looking at the funding of water and, remember, that’s due back next Wednesday, so obviously tensions are rising.

“But, ultimately, it was decided last week that there would be 20 members on that committee. Obviously, 16 are going to be coming from the Dáil, four from the Senate. But it was decided, I think, most people are suggesting it was a Fianna Fail and Fine Gael deal that Padraig O’Ceadaigh would be the chair. Now he’s from the Senate so already, that’s one element to it so Sinn Fein, People Before Profit, and my understanding from someone in Labour there, are also not happy about it.

“But also, he is a senator, so if you have four senator positions, you’re one down and you have Fianna Fail, Fine Gael are going to have a position on this, from the senators’ point of view and  we’re hearing that the Civil Engagement Technical Group are going to have another. So, in the Seanad membership of this committee, 20 members – four senators – Sinn Féin won’t be on it and neither will Labour.”


Listen back here

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15 thoughts on “Selected Not Elected

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    May I commend Martina Fitzgerald on a report which is an absolute miracle of clarity and professionalism (heavy sarcasm) – albeit on a subject with is a farce, a crime against the public, and an insult to the electorate in general.

  2. Boy M5

    Committees elect their Chair. A Chair cannot be imposed from outside. It’s basic democratic principle from residents associations up to national governments.

    This does not bode well for any future partnership with FF and FG. It is an entirely undemocratic move.

    It must be challenged.

    1. steve white

      Dail SO The Business Committee, when acting as the Committee of
      Selection, shall also administer the allocation of Committee Chair posts according to the
      d’Hondt system under Standing Order 93(2).,-as-of-1-September-2016.pdf (2) A proportion of Chairman posts shall be allocated to the party or parties in Government
      and each group in the Dáil (as defined in Standing Order 143). Such proportion shall be
      calculated according to the d’Hondt system, and under such system, the party or parties in
      Government and each group shall choose a particular Chairman post as the posts are allocated,
      excluding posts already allocated by Standing Orders or by Order of the Dáil: Provided that a
      Government party may not choose the Chairmanship of the Committee of Public Accounts.
      The House shall appoint all Chairmen, in accordance with the provisions of this Standing
      Order and of Standing Orders generally

      does choosing POC as chair go against that?

    2. steve white

      note Dail will vote on POC as chair what difference does it make that coalition najority in the Dail votes ofr POC as opposed to coalition majority in the comitteee votes in POc as chair

  3. Tony

    How O Ceidigh was ever considered an entrepreneur is beyond me. He was very good at being in the Galway tent, Fianna Fail fundraisers, getting PSO grants for his airline and other grants for publishing and Connemara related businesses. If anyone can show me something entrepreneurial he did, Id be fascinated to know.

  4. Walter Ego

    I think we can all see the way this is going. Time to get boots back on the street.
    They ain’t listening to the will of the people.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Sadly, friend, it appears that you are correct. I will, therefore, stock up on wintergreen and other unguents in preparation for what must come. I look forward to again meeting people, old and young, employed and unemployed, singleton and family person, united in a common cause. I am moved to ask again, though, when did “the State” in the person of “the Oireachtas”, decide that the people whom they claim to serve are THE ENEMY.? The Sheik will march until he dies to try and restore (or create for the first time) some balance between ‘the State ‘ and its people.

  5. Richard Pound

    It’s like when you tell Alcoholics they have a drink problem…they just don’t want to hear the truth…FG & FF better start listening to the people a lot clearer than they are…

  6. Truth in the News

    Fianna Fail and Fine Gael can agree on this stitch up, funny how they can’t do the
    obvious and go into formal coalition, the real question are FF in Government or

  7. OhRowShayDoVahaWaile


    Maybe if labour/ppp/sf had compelling policies they would actually do better and have some power?

    The people want water metering

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