38 thoughts on “The Non-Lovin’ Spoonful

    1. Cian

      Media orgs always look to do stuff on contra before paying real cash for it. Doesn’t mean they’re not skint but profitable ones do it too.

      Both sides make stuff up price wise in the process – the ad value will be higher than anyone pays for it; and there’ll be zero volume discount or whatever appropriate on the supplier side for starters.

      Nice way of making turnover look better than it is, too – the advertising “purchase” will be booked as income.

      1. Boy M5

        Yeah whatever. Keep your jargon for the pogo stick meeting area or whatever the latest nonsense trend is in pretending you don’t work in an office.

  1. Richie_richer

    Hahaha, give us a grand’s worth of booze for free and we’ll tweet about it.

    Looks like it’ll be a cold Christmas in the Harbo house.

  2. Rainy Day

    Don’t have a huge amount of time for people who sign their emails off as ‘Best’ ….

    Also, pay for your drink!

  3. jeremy kyle

    Beautiful, they’ve managed to get just as much publicity out of the email alone.

    “€2000 worth of content”. lol.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Ha ha, good stuff, wow live social posts, live twitter, live instagram and live snapchat, what a world eh, recommended by the “editor”, ha ha. Oscars, ill be in for a pint too and Lovin Dublin go and shiite ye chancers.

  5. Paddy

    That’s a great start to my weekend. Jumpity uppity freebie-seeking goms need to upgrade their RAM. Fair play to Oscars for a civilised reply with no nasty words.

    I suppose they greet their clients (who are employed by them?) with ‘Hello, I’m Daryl, this is my brother LARRY, and this is other brother Daryl” and treat them to some freebie click-bait, as that’s all their site seems to contain.

  6. Richard Pound

    Give us free stuff or we will write snide bitchy comments about your business…..no time for people like that

    1. :-Joe

      I care…

      I love a free world where every idiot can be stupid and affect the general public in horrible ways but lovin narcissism needs to go…

      Logic and reason seems to be a specialist subject these days….


  7. Broadbag

    I’m lovin’ it!

    “…video competitions, live social posts, social posts etc.”

    Harbo = Nathan Barley

  8. Jessica,

    Got almost the same email from them this week. Please sponsor product we need for our Christmas Party. Each Instagram post that mentions someone is worth €1000 and here’s a list of the physical product we want delivered in advance in exchange. We will mention you once for X amount of product.

  9. bisted

    …Harbo is only in ha’penny place…Paddy Cosgrave of WebSummit would have charged them for coming to drink free booze…

  10. Lady GArden-GArden

    The most disturbing part of this is that someone is still using MS Outlook for email… and they’re not even in the Gardai IT Dept.

  11. :-Joe

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I needed to speak out and just be honest from my experience with lovin-narcissism.bs

    I created a blog that asks people to be honest and open with reality and find a way to question oneself before considering what others might have said or acted in various ways. In other words, before reacting think about how what someone’s statement might actually have some relevence despite the fact that in the heat of the moment you can see what is deceptively a glaring inaccuracy.

    My main point and example was the creation of the website “lovin-narcissism-YEAH YEAH” or as I like to call it,,,, stoopid CfunTS with a ridiculous ability and tolerance for blagging while knowing deep down they are spoilt pretentious rubbish……

    By the way, in regard to this subjectI I had one-hundred and fifty plus suerlatives to choose from in the arsenal of my vocablary(uh fk spelling) but I specifically chose the most mundane and simple ones that suited the opponent of my disgust…. ooh er.. pistols at dawn…
    -Just for the deluded twits who end up here from actually thinking lovin-narcissism is a media organisation or a source of information that anyone but a moron would pay attention to.

    Peace and love and fupp xmassturb@tion….


    1. :-Joe

      Ah jayzus broadsheet…

      In fairness your brand of censorship is good…. fk knows what you block from the youbrainless generation on a daily basis…

      I hate censorship in general but it’s my bad,

      I forgot to mask my F.U.N.K.I.NG DISCONTENT : D

      Lovin Broadsheet….


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