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Following our introductory post for aspiring YouTubers #ShaRuf, it seems as though the dynamic duo of John Sharpson and Rufus Bluestuff will be busy beavers going forward. And if ’tis ’80s/’90s-shtyle kids-TV gallivanting you’re after, the boys will provide.

See above, two recent posts from the lads’ online vidjo channel, dealing with the most pressing issues of the day: Pint Baby, and James Pond 2: Robocod.

That’s what you want, in fairness.



Rufus Bluestuff is a monster.

He sounds suspiciously like Irish music-media hero Ray Wingnut, and the fact that they have seldom, if ever, been seen in the same room together is highly suspect.

John Sharpson, or Sharpy, as his parents don’t call him, is his buddy. He’d like very much to be a YouTuber, like all those other lads that get paid stupid money to fool around online.

Together, they are ShaRuf.

If you have missed the long-respected television format of fully-functional adult human beings giving out to by their puppet associates over their broadcast desk, look no further.

ShaRuf on YouTube


‘Sheet favourites The Derrynane Robot Club have a long and illustrious history of telling genuinely made-up stories in the guise of a bunch of feens acting the scut. They write:

In this documentary, DRC takes an inside look at professional scarecrows in Cork and their commitment to keeping the fields safe.

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From Drumming Ireland on Facebook:

Hi, I’m trying to find out who a drummer from a band is.

They were playing on Saturday 5th November in Blooms Lane, Dublin. I don’t know the name of the bar or band. But I have a video.

I was out for a family meal in town, on the way back to the car park my daughter spotted them playing, she was dancing away and then went to use his drums as bongos. I obviously pulled her away, as they were in the middle of playing, but then the drummer offered Kelly a drum stick and let her play with him. She was so so happy, and even took a bow!

She has autism, so this means so much to us. I just want to find the drummer and tell him a huge thank you for making my daughter’s night. She was on top of the world going home. if you know who it is, or know somebody who may know, can you share my video please, so I can say thank you!


Few people online saying it looks like RSAG, but can’t be sure from the vid.

Drumming Ireland