The A To Z Of Arrival


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Logograms of the heptapods. To wit:

A logogram’s weight carries meaning, too: A thicker swirl of ink can indicate a sense of urgency; a thinner one suggests a quiet tone. A small hook attached to one symbol makes it a question. The system allows each logogram to express a bundle of ideas without adhering to any traditional rules of syntax or sequence.

MORE: How Arrival’s Designers Crafted a Mesmerising Alien Alphabet (Margaret Rhodes, Wired) (minor spoilers)

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  1. Boy M5

    Am I aloud say something a bit ooo-er about Amy Adams or is that still taboo and the reason I am still in moderation purgatory?

    1. Hank

      You’ve been told – you’re in moderation purgatory until you learn the difference between aloud and allowed..

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