Bringing The Love


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This afternoon.

Central Bank, Dublin 2

Pro-life supporters, iocluding above from left: Emma Maloney, Rossa and Mary Kenny, launch the ‘Love Both’ project highlighting “all that’s positive about the Eighth Amendment“.

*deep breath*


The Love Both Project (Facebook)



Amanda Mellet and her husband James Burke

The Government has offered €30,000 in compensation to Amanda Mellet, the woman who successfully made a complaint to the United Nations about Ireland’s abortion laws.

…Ms Mellet was in her 21st week of pregnancy in November 2011 when she learned her foetus had congenital heart defects and would die in the uterus or shortly after birth…

The Rotunda Hospital, where Ms Mellet received her scan, acted in accordance with existing laws by informing her of her options, namely, to carry to term or to “travel”.

…The offer were made to Ms Mellet in a meeting with Minister for Health Simon Harris Tuesday night…just one week before a deadline imposed by the UN Human Rights Committee on Ireland

Woman harmed by abortion ban offered €30,000 (Pat Leahy, Irish Times)

Previously: ‘The Ashes Were Unexpectedly Delivered To Her Three Weeks Later By Courier’


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24 thoughts on “Bringing The Love

    1. rotide

      Have to say, that jumped out at me too.

      Maybe not as iconic as R E P E A L but thats some good design right there.

    1. Neilo

      Your visual perception is amazing and not at all coloured by your prejudice towards the self-styled ‘pro-life’ movement.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    A 1970s/80s theme tune for the Love Both campaign… based on (every pun intended) the theme of the Love Boat

    Love, excruciating for you
    Just send you aboard. You’re expecting too.
    Says Love Both, by ferry or flight.
    Let Love Both flow, sure it’ll post back to you.

    Love Both soon will be encouraging another run
    The Love Both promise of 12 a day, not one
    They’ll assess your misadventure,
    But your mind’s on getting help, sure.

    And Love won’t hurt anymore
    It’s an open mile on a friendly UK shore.

    Or take flight or ferry abroad. It’s LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

  2. :-Joe

    “Love” is an abstract concept just like a “home”.

    If you want to keep your baby under whatever circumstances you’re in that’s wonderful that you actually want to care for it and try to do a good job of rearing it.

    If you don’t want to, then you can go to britain where the health system of that country has learned to deal with it’s own problems like the rest of the modern world in an adult reponsible and intelligent manner..

    Yes it is a baby as soon as it’s conceived but apart from your opinion on your personal choice…. nobody cares what else you have to say… mind your own business…. leave other people alone and allow them the rights to make their own decisions.

    Safe abortion will be available through a simple pill within a decade anyway so your opinion on other peoples lives will inevitably become completely irrelevant and unnecessary whether you like it or not.

    Read the science, look at the legal cases and do some research into the factual history…. and apart from anything else, controlling a woman’s reproductive health is a form of biased gender inequality, enslavement and form of population body and mind control.

    Anyway, let’s say you succeed and keep the 8th. Will you take it even further and try to control how, when or where men can ejaculate…. ???…

    On average, I’m killing about half a million a week… it’s genocidal maniacal crazy stuff from my end !!!….
    I don’t plan on stopping, regardless of unjust laws or whatever nosey, self righteous, closed minded idiots have to say. Most of the pro-life are just idiots… Yes, most of them.

    Peace and positive abstract concepts…


    1. Clampers Outside!

      Sorry Joe…. you need more iron, zinc and a few minerals if you’re only getting 1/2 a million lads out per week :)
      Esp. considering there’s about a hundred million per milliliter, and 2 – 4 milliliters per climactic tug.

      Keep on keepin’ on dude! :)

  3. Mike Baldwin

    ‘Far away eyes of the Bible basher’? James Burke is the husband of yer one who made the complaint to the UN re Ireland’s abortion laws. To be fair, he rocking a right Moroccean black gaze…

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    You only have to read the hateful comments on any so called “prolife” facebook page to see they don’t have any love for women experiencing a crisis pregnancy. They fetishise the foetus, full stop.

    1. nellyb

      please don’t say fetish, it makes me think of plastic foetuses and its potential misuse. hopefully all recycled by now.

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