‘Irish People Are Going To Pay For The Next 40 Years’



Staying in tonight?

TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne will broadcast an interview Mr Browne has carried out with Jonathan Sugarman at 11pm.

Mr Sugarman is a former executive at Unicredit Bank Ireland in Dublin’s IFSC who resigned in September 2007 after giving a detailed account of enormous liquidity breaches at his bank a year before the financial crash.

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15 thoughts on “‘Irish People Are Going To Pay For The Next 40 Years’


    bertie is 3 miles offshore…just swinging the party boat around to come back in for those who missed it first timeround

  2. Kolmo

    40 Years…it’s nearly 10 years since the initial Celtic Implosion, so only 30 years then..or is it 40 years from each bubble-pant caker?
    Because there is another bursted-nappy of a crash moving rapidly toward us..they are just waiting to scoop up the last possible home-purchasers and claw back some outstanding losses.

  3. Kolmo

    Hold back on the 12ft. porcelain garden ornements and doric front porch pillars and you’ll be grand..

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