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The Twitter trends of 2016.

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick writes:

In 2016, Twitter was where it happened with events breaking in real time across the world and in Ireland. From the largest sporting events of the year including #Rio2016 and #Euro2016, to the surprising political results with #Brexit and #Trump, 2016 also saw an outpouring of love using the hashtags #Prince #MuhammadAli #RIPAxel and #Bowie.


10 thoughts on “#WhatHappened

  1. Anomanomanom

    Twitter pppfffttt. Down the pub over pint talking to the constantly slightly drunk old lad is where you get the real news and answers to of life’s problems.

  2. Harry Molloy

    Things like this are interesting but I just can’t develop a grà for twitter at all, can’t follow a discussion.
    Then again I still look at boards.ie which seems to be dying so maybe I’ve reached the stage my father was at when he first bought a vcr

    1. rotide

      Jaysus, Haven’t been a regular on boards for over a decade. Too much diversification can be a bad thing!

      With you on twitter though. its crap.

  3. H

    Like Xmas decorations in November this is a bit premature, there’s still 25 days left in 2016 and anything could happen…

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