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    1. Mr. Camomile T

      Walk or cycle. It’s better for you, better for the environment. 30kph is the correct speed limit for residential zones – the probability of fatal injury to pedestrians increases dramatically at faster speeds than that.

    1. Fact Checker

      Road deaths in Dublin are already VERY low by European standards, and INCREDIBLY low by global standards (this is a good thing by the way). This is down to very good driver behaviour (trust me, I have lived elsewhere) as well as very conservative engineering.

      At we are at (maybe past) the point of diminishing returns in Dublin.

      Many of us live in or close to the city and have to make journeys in cars from time to time. This will make life unfortunately slower. And of course with no sign of any proper public transport infrastructure (Metro North AND Dart Underground please) in the pipeline.

      1. Anne

        “Road deaths in Dublin are already VERY low by European standards….(this is a good thing by the way).”

        I’m glad you explained that one for us.. lol

      2. Fact Checker

        County Dublin had one road death per 79k of population last year.

        Country Donegal had one per 14k population.

        This is FIVE AND A HALF times the rate of Dublin.

        It is sweet to see DCC so concerned, but there are much bigger problems elsewhere.

        Why not just impose a 30kph speed limit on all of Co Donegal?

        1. Anne

          “County Dublin had one road death per 79k of population last year.”

          Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

        2. Vote Rep #1

          “Why not just impose a 30kph speed limit on all of Co Donegal?”

          Maybe ask Donegal CC that instead?

          Not sure DCC has much of a say up there in Donegal.

      3. A Taxpayer

        We shlould be aiming for better prospects for a walk down the street than life or death. This is about making the city a pleasant place to live.

  1. A Taxpayer

    It’s progress, but physical barriers to stop traffic *traversing* residential streets would be better. The AA wanted in increase the speed limit on Dawson St? Completely backward!

  2. Donger

    They tried to enforce this a few years back but it just doesn’t work. Try driving down the quays at 30kph-you’ll anger people

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It actually impedes flow – well, depending on the traffic levels. To drive around any congested city you need to move swiftly at times and take up your lane when it becomes available. If driving at 30kph you won’t have the momentum to shift your ass when you need to. I don’t promote speeding down a busy street – but keeping above 30 when the way is clear is better driving than snailing along watching your speedometer.

    2. read twice

      I agree, slow moving vehicles on the quays frustrates other drivers. What’s needed on the quays is a reduction in the number of traffic lanes and traffic islands to pinch the lane width, so that it feels normal to drive at low speeds. Then slow moving traffic wouldn’t frustrate other drivers.

    1. read twice

      Exactly. The average speed of a journey across the city is lot slower than 30kph. So we should think of this as meaning we’ll spend less time queuing at lights!

    2. Deluded

      What are the perceived negative effects should the Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws be adopted?
      … The greatest increase to a driver’s journey time would not exceed 1 minute in that situation of greatest inconvenience.
      However the substantial majority of motorists would see an increase of less than 20 seconds to their journey time when accessing a location within the proposed 30km/hr speed zones….”

  3. wearnicehats

    This is just bottom. I’m forced to do 30km/h in town rising to 60km/h going for 4 lanes past the Red Cow and yet when I get to the sticks I can do 100km/h on a one lane country road with impunity disregarding tractors, cyclists, pedestrians on roads with no footpaths. All to make easy money.

    1. read twice

      You don’t HAVE to do 100km/h on a one lane road – that’s just the legal speed limit. You could just drive at a speed appropriate to the conditions.

  4. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I object to a 30mph limit.
    30mph is way too high when you aren’t on an autobahn, and the obligation shouldn’t be on the person you will cause injury to.

    I understand that you might feel ‘invincible’ in your little car, but you can’t be trusted.
    You’re an idiot.

    Oh, but it ONLY kills X amount of people per year…
    Set your alarm 20mins earlier. Go to bed earlier. Be late.
    Stop risking other people’s lives.

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