You Can’t Take It With You



From top: INM CEO Robert Pitt and INM Chairman Leslie Buckley at the company’s extraordinary general meeting in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2 yesterday; the INM board vote to give shareholders a dividend while closing off the company’s pension scheme; Seamus Dooley, of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) questions the decision.

 “The manner in which this decision [ forcing a closure of the defined benefit scheme] was taken – without involvement of the trustees, with no consultation with the workers, scheme members or their unions, is a display of arrogance towards those who helped build up this company and towards the Pensions Authority.

INM is determined to break an agreement reached in 2013 with the Pensions Board and the Trustees and is giving two fingers to the regulatory authority. This case highlights the need for urgent reform of the law governing pensions in the Republic of Ireland, a fact illustrated by the fact that INM Plc could not get away with doing this in their Northern Ireland titles.

“In considering the application by INM Plc to purchase the Celtic Media Group Communications, Minister Denis Naughten must consider the record of the applicant in relation to corporate government and industrial relations, with particular reference to equality.

“We hope Denis Naughten takes note of the company’s actions in this matter in deciding the application.”

Seamus Dooley, NUJ boss, yesterday.

INM capital plan is passed despite anger on pensions (Belfast Telegraph)

Yesterday: Independent Variable




From top: yesterday’s protest; Today’s Irish Independent

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Morris writes:

Some careful picture editing at the Indo….

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6 thoughts on “You Can’t Take It With You

  1. nellyb

    Love this optimistic non-g!v€A$!tter¥ of INM
    Will they be outsourcing local news coverage to China or Vietnam? Or news bots?

  2. Boy M5

    Absolute Piggery.

    The ancient creaking west-Brits of Ballsbridge voting to give themselves dividends they don’t even need while the employees of INM see their pensions cut in half or worse.

    The rentiers and dividenders who do nothing other than live off the income of their inheritance are the scum of the earth.

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