What Lies Beneath



Reaction last night’s broadcast on RTÉ One of Atlantic, an Irish-made documentary charting the politics of resource management in the North Atlantic – from the perspectives of three different fishing communities in Norway, Newfoundland and Ireland.


Morris writes:

I am living ‘abroad’ so I can’t watch Atlantic on the RTÉ Player. What gives?


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40 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

    1. Boy M5

      There’s a lot of content even Irish residents can’t get on the player which is on RTE television. I wonder how they’re going to square that with when the broadcasting fee replaces the TV license fee? If you’re paying the fee, you must be entitled to ALL content including what is shown on TV, all the films etc.

      1. The Old Boy

        Two pounds? That’s the difference between when I enter and leave the jacks the morning after a feed of pints.

  1. 15p

    that would be far too infuriating to watch. i hope ray burke gets dragged over the coals in it. sold our waters for his own gain.

  2. Anne

    I am living ‘abroad’ so I can’t watch Atlantic on the RTÉ Player. What gives?

    Here, this should help.. (for bbc iplayer.. same thing applies)
    “To use BBC iPlayer abroad, you need to convince the BBC that you’re using an IP address based in the UK. Don’t worry – this is a lot easier than you think, thanks to VPNs (or virtual private networks). Instead of connecting directly to the BBC, you log into the VPN, and that connects to the BBC and sends you the video.

    Sounds dodgy, but it isn’t. You can set up a VPN directly from your home computer if you want, but it’s quite complicated; most people just use one of the many VPN services around.”

  3. AlisonT

    Interesting that half the comments are anger at Ireland giving away it’s resources for free and the other half are advising someone how to view the film without paying towards the royalties of the movie. You can watch it in Ireland because RTE used license payers money to buy the rights to show the movie to people who live in Ireland. If you don’t live in Ireland then wait until it is available to pay for in your country. The people who invested in the movie need to get paid just like the Irish people should get more for their resources.

    1. Anne

      Yeah, if everyone paid the TV license, we’d be just like Norway..

      Btw, you can watch the RTE player in Ireland on a computer and you don’t pay the license fee.

      Q. Do I require a TV Licence for a computer which can access television-like services (e.g. the RTÉ Player or streaming services) over the Internet?

      A. No. So long as the computer is unable to display television channels distributed by conventional television broadcasting networks (i.e cable, satillite, IPTV, analogue terrestrial, digital terrestrial or MMDS) e.g. using a television tuner card or similar device, then there is no requirement to hold a Television Licence.

      1. AlisonT

        Its not specifically about the license fee or the fact that you can watch online in Ireland without paying the fee. The producers of this movie sold rights to broadcast in Ireland and people on here are promoting behavior that will lower the value of the rights to broadcast in other countries. A very small scale version of the activities portrayed in the movie. Take what you can, don’t pay if you can get away with it.

          1. Anne

            No, you know what’s for nothing ..our fish and our natural gas…that’s what’s for nothing..with the exception of a brown envelope here and there of course, to the likes of Ray Bourke.

            Again, you do not pay for watching the RTE player in Ireland. Likewise, people who’ve paid can’t access programmes when abroad.

  4. DavidT

    The director, Risteard Ó Domhnaill, had a Q&A session after the film was aired in glór in Ennis.

    He made a comment about a certain minister for agriculture, food and the marine (at the time the film was made) that greatly amused the audience: he was the most infuriating of all interviewees to get useful footage from.

    Ó Domhnaill used the best footage he could, wherein the said minister acted normally and said nothing. But there again, maybe any concessions to the fishing industry would have to be at the expense of the farming industry…

  5. Anne

    “people on here are promoting behavior that will lower the value of the rights to broadcast in other countries”

    No rights are lowered.

    “Take what you can, don’t pay if you can get away with it.”

    You don’t pay for watching the RTE player in Ireland, in any event.. so how can you pay exactly?
    And there are Irish people holidaying abroad, who have paid their TV license, who can’t access the service they’ve paid for, just because they’re out of the country.
    Don’t tell me they’re abroad, so they can’t, that’s the way it is. I’m just refuting your point about paying.

    Regulations IMO are not up to date in recognising that television has evolved into a global, on-demand, online medium.

    It’s not about not paying if you can get away with it, as you put it.
    As I said, there are TV license payers who can’t get the service they’ve paid for when they are abroad.

      1. Anne

        They’re only available for a limited period on the player..so better not be any extended holidays.

        Or I can just click on my mobdro app and sinc it up to the telly with a Chromecast and watch TV from around the world.

          1. Anne

            Why don’t you just say which part you dont agree with, instead of being a condescending bottomhole Rotsey.

            But you can’t even explain what you mean, shur you can’t?

  6. Truth in the News

    Who was responsible for giving away fishing rights in the EEC acession ngotiations
    in 1972 the late Brian Lenihan Sr and who caved in to Frankfurt and Angela Merkel in 2008, his deceased son Brian Jr, its a surprise RTE aired the programme at all.
    Who was Minister for Communications when the sell off Telecom Eireann was allowed…..?

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