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  1. dzazed

    Ciara Mageen is an unbelievable role model for young people involved in sport. She was a rising star at underage, breaking Sonia O’Sullivans underage records. However injury stopped her running for over 2 years. Since then she’s gone from being only able for 15-minute jogs on grass to the Olympics. She made the semi-final of the event at this year’s Olympic Games and won bronze at the European Championships in July. The contempt in this post from the editorial team is disgusting and our sportspeople, particular our successful female sportspeople should never be disparaged in such a way.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      “…particular our successful female sportspeople should never be disparaged in such a way.”

      Why these particularly?
      A hefty percentage of our successes in sport have been women, I’d speculate to at least as high a degree as almost any other country, so why are you singling women out for special protection?

      Suggesting that there’s a special need to protect the fragile ladies in this way smacks of misogyny to me.

      Mageean is a phenomenal athlete and a real bright star in Irish athletics. There’s no need to patronise.

      Although I agree with your sentiment on the whole.

      1. dzazed

        I’m sorry it read that way I really didn’t mean it to come off as patronising. I completely agree that women do not need to be protected or coddled but I felt the original post would never have been as sneering if this was a male sportsperson. The O’Donovans were in almost the exact same situation after their Olympic race and were lauded for giving it their all, but I felt Ciara was mocked where they or any male rugby, gaa or soccer players would not. We have fantastic female sportwomen in this country who deserve far more acclaim than they currently receive.

    2. rotide

      It’s not really to do with the fact she’s a woman.

      It’s more the fact that broadsheet can’t cope with the simplest of things if there isn’t an anti-establishment or conspiracy element to them.

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