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    1. Praetorian

      Remember that when you or a family member needs serious medical attention and needs to be airlifted to hospital by the Air Medical Service which is operated by the Air Corps…or your house is burgled and the Garda helicopter helps to find the @#$€ who robbed you…that Heli is also operated by the Air Corps…or just maybe you and your lackies are adrift on your boat and only the Casa Maritime patrol aircraft can find you.

      1. Colin

        CHC operate the SAR services. CASA Is rarely deployed in SAR and even if it was, CHC is going to get you to hospital anyway.

        Garda chopper was in Bray a few nights ago, but the FLIR camera was offline so they couldn’t even assist.

        Air Corp should be scaled down, I work beside Baldonnel and all they do is practice, for what, I have no idea as we don’t have a hope in hell if we are invaded, we may as well do what the Swiss do after hours and call in the French. Critical services, yes, an expensive and thoroughly underused service, no.

        1. Praetorian

          Goodman…CHC do operate the 4 main SAR stations on a rolling contract…but the Air Corps AW139’s are also on stand by(fully equiped)as a secondary SAR facillity…more for inland than offshore…that call would be made by MRCC.The Air Corps also have an AW139 based in Custume Barracks,Athlone as part of the rapid response air medical service for major incidents…ie,RTA’s,farm accidents,natural disasters.
          The CASA CN235 Maritime Patrol aircraft are on constant stand by for top cover on ALL MRCC co-ordinated SAR calls.
          One CASA is in the air on shore patrol every day.
          Which one of the THREE Garda helos was in Bray with a disfunctional FLIR….and A)…how do you know it wasn’t working…and B)…did you call AC Ops to report the non functioning FLIR.
          Based In Casement Aerodrome is the BFTS(Basic Flight Training School) which is where cadet pilots are trained…so the “practising” you see every day is training…particularly if it’s PC9 aircraft.
          Every airbase in the world would have ongoing training,upgrading,evaluation flights everyday….so seeing as you know so much about the Air Corps and it’s daily operations and your obvious love of aircraft and flying…sit back and enjoy the view from your office window.

    1. Serv

      No the medal is for other ppl being at a party a hundred years ago. This lot totally would have been there.

  1. Murtles

    My OCD has gone into overdrive because of that medal on the bottom left in the top picture. Can someone photoshop it centered?

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