A minimalist gem for the bottom of your stocking.

Judith Ritchie, at A Box For My Treasure writes:

Handmade in Dublin, these dainty gold choker gemstone necklaces come in a range of colours and lengths and are the perfect accessory to add a little flash of colour.

They cost €45 and can be purchased online at link below and Broadsheet readers can take 10% off all jewellery with the code XMAS10 (enter this at checkout).

P.S. All jewellery is packaged in a gorgeous gift box and there’s FREE postage for online orders!

Chokers (A Box For My Treasure)

A Box For My Treasure

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-made Stocking Fillers’. No fee.

7 thoughts on “Choke Up

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Ahahaha darling, when you’re using €20 notes to wipe down your kitchen counters, €45 is nothing. Didn’t you hear? The good times are back!

      1. martco

        ah now…begone grinch!
        (in fairness I wouldn’t call it a stocking filler mind) however I doubt there’s Denis quantities of loadsamoney being gouged here

        it looks to me like a nice simple piece of handmade gold jewellery incl box and free postage…I know a wee bit about these kind of things and I’d say €45 is a worthy asking price

  1. The-bag

    They’re actually quite nice but what’s the craic with the photos? Change out of your gym tshirt and switch on a light

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