Thinking Outside The Rank



Louis Le Fronde writes:

Having nearly been run off the run road more than a few times in the last week in the annual wacky races engaged in by Dublin taxi drivers. Perhaps it’s time to standardise the city’s taxis and put a few of the Christmas part-time cowboys out of business. Above is a series of images of Milan’s concept taxi designed by Volkswagen…


Pics: Volkswagon

16 thoughts on “Thinking Outside The Rank

  1. Harry Molloy

    actually, the only thing concepty about that yoke is the panoramic roof and a nice captains chair for the driver. Little luggage rack where the passenger seat should be.
    London black cab would do a better job methinks

    1. martco

      ah but Harry that’d mean it could practically speaking only be used for taxi duties now wouldn’t it?

      also wondering why a reinvention of wheel needed here, what’s wrong with how Berlin does it (subsidised cream coloured E-Class)

    2. Pat Harding

      London Black Cabs…How typical of Ireland, copy something from London, do it badly and do it more expensively!

      How about doing something different and original for a change

  2. Louis Lefronde

    By way of postscript. My art skills failed me on this one, as I would have loved to have designed a standardised taxi car for Dublin….that isn’t a Toyota Avensis, Skoda, London Black Cab or indeed a New York Yellow cab.

    But to get to the point. A simple question, why not have a standardised taxi vehicle that is unique to Dublin? Isn’t it a bit absurd that you don’t?

    I get the impression, on my many visits here, that there is a tendency to sell yourselves short, when you should be demanding and getting better. Remember, you are paying top Euro for your taxi service and from what I have encountered it leaves a lot to be desired. Come on, you can do a lot better. Yes, I’m sure there will be a few Joe Taxis who will have their nose out of joint at the thought their family car can’t double up as a taxi, but seriously why should you let the tail wag the dog?

    Anyway, my final point relates to Milan, you have to ask the question how Fiat lost out on that one to Volkswagen?

    They must have hired Franz Beckenbauer!!!!

    My final

  3. Mike Badwin

    Many Dublin taxi drivers and balanced and friendly. However, a sizeable number are not. I have encountered many who are from the Northside of Dublin working on the Southside of Dublin, especially on Friday nights. Not to detract but working on the Dublin’s Southside requires a much different skillset. Traits like mindfulness, politeness, a soothing accent and a working acquaintance with the works of Ezra Pound are important aspects and often lacking in these migrant workers from more Northerly climes. They are however significantly more battle hardened and willing to engage on hand to hand combat, which can be of use when groups of marauding trainee solicitors from MOPs, chock full of craft beer debate the ownership of the cab in which you sit. It’s swings and roundabouts but each should play to their strengths.

    1. Sam Westman

      Trainee Solicitors from Matheson’s are bad… could be worse, imagine picking up a Flange of Devils from the Law Library, tripping over their tongues with who can ‘lock horns with the Taxi man’ and contemplating does he have change of £50 guineas….


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