Leave Your Choice At Check-In



Going back to Ireland for Xmas?

The newly formed London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign, the UK-based branch of the Irish movement to make abortion free, safe and legal, is launching a mass social media ‘check-in’ for Irish expats going home for Christmas.

Aoife writes:

We want those heading back to Ireland for the festive season to show support for women travelling in the other direction, by ‘checking in’ at ferry and airports and using the hashtag #choice4xmas.

The #choice4xmas campaign will run from December 16th. We’re asking ex-pats to check-in on social media at airports and ferry ports, with the suggested text:

Travelling home to Ireland & thinking of the 11 women a day who travel to Britain for an abortion #choice4xmas #repealthe8th #Extend1967Act”.

Those who aren’t travelling can share and like our content to show their support.

London-Irish ARC’s next open meeting takes place at 18:30 on February 1 at Queen Mary’s University. Those interested in attending can book a place here.


29 thoughts on “Leave Your Choice At Check-In

  1. some young queen

    feel free to wail and ad hominem, but can anyone explain why abortion is so rigorously pushed in western countries, but not in the 3rd world where a) the number of children conceived by rape is staggering (a true rape culture), and 2)there isn’t enough food, medicine etc. to go around for existing people (despite trillions in aid each year) let alone more hungry and sick mouths being added each day.

    1. Kieran NYC

      And Ireland’s homeless should whistle a happy tune because they aren’t in Aleppo.

      Your point, caller?

  2. Truth in the News

    Is this for real, if it is then Jesus Christ could have been aborted, as it was a
    single mother, a virgin that gave birth to him, in what was by all accounts an
    unplanned pregancy achieved by a supernatural conception.
    Then we have a suggestion that abortion should be advocated at the very time
    Christrians celebrate his birth….who came up with this campaign….?

  3. Biggins

    Yes, let’s all kill unborn babies because we’re modern and immoral and don’t take responsibility for our actions.

    we don’t need this filthy legal legislation

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          No. I’m expelling a non-sentient cluster of cells, one that has the *potential* to become a child. That’s something I’d rather have a say in, considering its my body.

          And really, having had one, I think I’d have a better idea of what it entails.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Good for her. Then I’m certain she understands, even if you don’t, that what a woman does with her body, her uterus, is absolutely no one’s business. Not yours, not mine, just her, the father of the baby, and the doctor.

  4. mauriac

    don’t think hospitals will be doing abortions for free so someone will have to pay and you’d assume that abortions would be done to best practice so only the legal part of free,safe,legal is relevant.

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