Irony Sweet Irony



Apollo House, Tara Street, Dublin 1

The Dublin Simon Community counted 99 people sleeping rough in the city this morning and the organisers of ‘Home Sweet Home’ are taking people off the streets.

He said that once the heating is turned on then the building will function to an extent that it will be safer than sleeping in a doorway or “some kind of dumpster”.

This evening the receiver, Mazars, said the current occupiers are trespassing on private property and are asking them to leave with immediate effect.

They said: “In the circumstances we have no option but to refer the matter to our legal advisers to pursue the appropriate course of action.”

Homeless occupiers are trespassing in city centre building, says receiver (RTÉ)




Good times.

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15 thoughts on “Irony Sweet Irony

  1. Jocky

    This is madness. 250 million spent per annum on the homeless industry and they still resort to stunts like this as its good PR for the different factions and celebs.

    Of course Mazers don’t want junkies shooting up on their property. Who’s going to pay if somebody injures themself in what is an unoccpuied offiece block. You can bet the owners will be sued and the right on parade will be long gone.

    1. Jimjam

      What’s wrong? If these people went to Simon they’d be given somewhere to stay that wouldn’t involve illegal trespassing.

    2. Daddy

      “homeless industry”

      “Mazers don’t want junkies shooting up on their property

      You must be a Young Fine Gaeler. You sure sound like one with your victim blaming tone and making excuses for financial companies.

    3. TheRichList

      Agree. If they let them stay they will be liable for all kind of fun legal stuff when people get stabbed and overdose.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Jesus, I’m an old person, but I can safely say that the Dudes of 1916, that people have been shiting on all year about, DID NOT die so the right wing pixbottles posting on this forum could do so ad lib. I’m aware some of them are mere trolls. I can stand that. it’s the other cosseted, entitled, tuppence halfpenny looking down on tuppence DIRT that I can’t stomach.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    This is like Neville & Giggs allowing homeless people stay in their hotel while it was being renovated. Rather than being a flophouse, it became a functional collective and the people left, as agreed, when renovations were finished, leaving the place clean and undamaged. I hope this works as well as Manchester.

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