The 2016 Reclamation



“We’re a campaign called Home Sweet Home and our aim is simple: we want to give everyone a roof over their head by Christmas.

Is that too much to ask? is it too much to ask in a modern Ireland that we shouldn’t have people sleeping on the streets. I think we have to address this.

We addressed same sex marriage, we were the first nation in the world to do that, and coming from a famine country where everyobody was displaced and had to leave, we think we should be in the forefront of ending homelessness.

…in these cruel times of austerity, of banking crisis, people paying debt...can we just bail out someone who is lying in the gutter? Can we just help them?

Film director Jim Sheridan last night before the occupation of Nama-controlled Apollo House in order to accommodate the homeless.

Occupy Nama: City property taken over to house homeless (Irish Times)

Thanks Janine

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38 thoughts on “The 2016 Reclamation

    1. Declan

      No problem with highlighting it, but are these guys going to run the shelter. If you talk to any homeless person in Dublin they’ll tell you (or I’m a sucker) that they avoid shelters for fear of fights, drugs, etc.

      I think this stuff is best left to Focus, Peter McVerry, the DCC and anything ad hoc will lose the limelight after a while (think Calais).

      Essentially highlight it (and acknowledge it’s complexity), put you’re money where your mouth is and let the professionals get on with it.

      1. Daddy

        “put you’re money where your mouth is and let the professionals get on with it.”

        What professionals Declan? It’s the Government’s responsibility to protect citizens. That’s the whole point of citizenship.

        1. Declan

          I believe that would be the the good folks in Focus, Peter McVerry, etc. People who deal with this on a day to day basis and understand it.

          Try reading it again ; )

          1. Declan

            Nope, I’m not trained as an addiction councillor or mental health councillor. I just know that I’m not any use to anyone rubber necking and I contribute in the way I can (donate).

            I presume you’re the opposite….

          2. Daddy

            No it’s OK Declan, I read it the first time.

            You’re referring to charities as “Professionals” as if this is a service industry supplying a service to paying clients. Most people in these charities are volunteers.

            Also your reference to addiction and mental health counsellors (not councillors by the way) suggests you think all homelessness is due to these issues. That’s an ignorant appraisal of the reason for the rapid rise in homeless families.

          3. Declan

            So from my comments you’re assuming that I view the charity sector as a service like a fecking recruiting company and I don’t understand that homelessness is a complex issue with a myriad of causes and solutions. Wrong on both counts.

            From your comments I think you’re an angry man who loves an argument. So what is a metal health person called?

          4. scottser

            declan is absolutely correct. the homeless services are predominantly professionals who operate a case management system for which there is a qualification required. the services operate projects under service level agreements and are tasked with meeting deadlines and targets like any other professional organisation. local authority staff who deal with homelessness usually have a background in homelessness and housing and are considered a specialist role within housing departments.
            at all stages, staff undertake support and supervision to make sure there cases are being handled appropriately. homeless staff for the most part are not volunteers although many, myself included started off that way.

      2. DubLoony

        This isn’t another charity, this is a political stunt. The homeless will be used as pawns.
        when the redeveloped of Appollo house happens, they will be removed from it.

        Will right2 whatever be there to help them when that happens?

        1. Boj

          This ‘political stunt’ is required to highlight our government’s priorities & inaction. I would personally welcome many more ‘political stunts’ on many other issues.

          1. Andy Moore

            Thank You Boj for your fluent empathy . I’m to tired & weary explaining to Folk & I ne’er a counsellor ,but a neglected professional due mostly to age !!

        2. Daddy

          @ DubLoony

          The cap on rent increases is an ACTUAL political stunt. This is a community initiative or a protest.

          A protest happens is when politics is not working.

        3. Seamus mc meel

          I seem to remember a political statement a few years ago,declaring an end to the homeless problem by 2016.How did that work out for the ‘Professionals’?

  1. Daddy

    This will stump the hacks at the Indo. They’re going to have to smear Ogle while not appearing to go to heavy on Gerard’s boy Hozier.

  2. Daddy

    Interesting point about the Marriage Equality referendum. That kind of equality is easy to allow, it’s nice and fluffy and doesn’t cost the bankers and profiteers anything. It’s popular and uplifting and politicians congregate around it to feed off it.

    But lack of social and economic equality (which effects far more people) means someone has to forego some profit somewhere in order for people to be able to live with dignity. Can’t be having that now. Not in Fine Gael Ireland.

  3. DubLoony

    right2change, right2water posters in the background, eirigi not exactly a spontaneous gathering.

    The taking over Apollo house to house homeless may sound like a good idea but its not going to solve the problem, makes for headlines. Apollo house is planned to be redeveloped, so anyone in there will be turfed out.,36418,en.html

    There is finally a significant uptick in house building, with more to come. It’ll take 2-3 years to make any significant dent in house availability.

    1. Daddy

      Why are you so hell bent on undermining this?

      Do you not care about the rapid rise in homelessness?

      Are you a landlord?

      1. DubLoony

        No I am not a landlord.
        I am questioning the effectiveness of it. I’m not blind and can see the number of homeless on the streets.
        The derelict sites I see all over drive me nuts. We have the skills, money, land and need to tackle the housing crisis but it is clearly not happening.

        However, using homeless people to make a political point, telling them that this is a solution when it clearly can’t be, and not having any experience of dealing with the very complex problems that many on the street have is not going to going to end well.

        1. Andy Moore

          Folk questioned effectivity of Occupy in general , but I as one met many fine Folk young & old who are working away in their own communities beneath radar & have a greater trust in Humanity & the flaws that are mainstream media /loobbyists & the ties that bind them to the rotten under-belly’s of present humanity are beingexposed little by little !

  4. b

    a really frequent response from homeless people when they do not use hostels is the violence, drunkeness and drug abuse that seems to be rife in them

    i assume Hozier and Hansard are going to be policing this building at night?

  5. dan

    What’s the point of taking over a derelict office block for homeless? Self publicity? actor John Connors ?

    Almost all those living on the streets need more than a bed in a hostel, this “take over” is childish and pointless.

    1. DubLoony

      If it were that easy, it would have been solved a long time ago.
      There is a basic lack of affordable homes as a problem.
      A huge problem with derelict and vacant buildings. (Use it or lose it laws needed).

      And then there are the problems with mental illness, addiction and people with very complex problems.

      Don’t mean to disparage well meaning people in their efforts but its not as simple as this stunt suggests.

      1. scottser

        i have to admit that i’m concerned meself as to how they screen those they allow in. unless the facility is staffed properly it won’t be long before you’re looking at your first assault, overdose, rape etc. are they allowing families in with children? what about fire safety and drills? there isn’t an insurance company in the world would extend public liability to this project – what happens in the event of an accident?

    1. DubLoony

      Why do you think people are heartless?
      Because they aren’t falling for this action or don’t care about housing crisis?

      1. Declan

        You’re a crap troll in fairness but since it’s Christmas I’ll wish you a happy one and a better new year

        1. DubLoony

          Not trying to troll, just wonder why you think people are heartless – because they question the methods being used in this action?

          Have a nice Christmas yourself. Peace.

          1. Declan

            I was being ironic – scroll up to the top of the page and you’ll see that I’m questioning part of this “action” myself!!!

  6. Anomanomanom

    A great example of government stupidity, a block of a apartments near where I live is up for sale. Its the whole block so around 400+(low estimates) people could be housed, its up for sale for €7,500,000. It must be a nama sale because the apartments according to daft are around €160-180k at the cheap end. So if its actually required, if its not nama, just buy the block. With an extra bit of money you could easily treble the occupancy if using it as a shelter or have ready liveable apartments for people/families.

    1. Paddy

      Nothing in it for the Fine Gael favourites. That block will go to someone whose business is starting to fail, at a reduced figure, enabling that person to resell it at a massive profit. Perhaps.

  7. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Walk through Dublin in the early hours of the morning, before the sun rises.
    The homeless aren’t as invisible as they are in daylight.

    But they don’t vote, do they?

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