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This afternoon.

Inner City Helping Homeless tweetz:

Thank you so much to Marilena Anghel [of Hope Creations] for her really kind donation of single-use soaps that she made and posted down to us from Cavan.

We really appreciate your kindness and support.

In fairness.

Hope Creations

This afternoon.

The Mobile Homeless Run is a group of volunteers helping the homeless in Dublin.  Every Wednesday at 7.30pm outside Dunnes on Grafton Street,  Dublin 2 thye hand out food, drinks, treats, clothes and toiletries to those in need.

Jonny O’Malley writes:

With issues relating to Covid 19 the Homeless Mobile Run Dublin are looking to raise €1,000  by running a raffle online…

….this will help them keep their services up and running over the next few weeks protecting our homeless community from the cold and also this virus.

The Prize for this raffle is a €100 One4All voucher, we also have some hampers plus tattoo and beauticians vouchers to give away too …thank you for your support!

Raffle In Aid Of Homeless Mobile Run (GoRaffleIt)

Homeless Mobile Run

Musician and singer Bob Glynn

Alexis Cronin (brother of the ‘sheet‘s Olga), writez:

My wife [Evanna Lyons] and I were out for a few drinks in Dublin city last week when we came across Bob Glynn.

He’s a musician who was busking and who has truly amazing vocals.

He got chatting to us as Evanna and I enjoyed his session so much. In the end, we had a pint together and he told us he gives away the money he gets from busking to homeless people in Dublin and buys pastries for heroin addicts.

He was such a genuine guy and a refreshing story for Broadsheet in the midst of Corona-gate.

He also gave me the idea to make a guitar out of recycled plastic. I am hoping to have it ready for him by end of this month.


Bob Glynn

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To Kildare apparently.

More as we get it.


Nova ‘jocks’, from left: Brent Pope, Lucy Kennedy, Ruth Scott and Colm Hayes 

Dig deep, folks.

Tomorrow and Saturday, Radio Novais hosting its annual Help the Homeless Radiothon with the station dedicating its schedules over two full days to raise funds for the homeless.

Now in its fifth year, the charity drive is in association with Focus Ireland and listeners are encouraged to donate what they can for a good cause.

Over the weekend, all manner of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, sport, music and politics will drop in to the studio.

Volunteers will be on hand in the station’s Docklands HQ to take calls from listeners all through Friday and Saturday.

Nick says: Don’t touch that dial!

Homeless Radiothon

Radio Nova

Thanks Barry Hartigan

Pygmalion on South William St, Dublin 2 have chosen Peter McVerry Trust as their charity partner for 2020, with customers encouraged to donate upon entry to Pyg’s club nights each weekend. Entry for all Pygmalion events will be free of charge for the entire year.

“We want to help people on the margins of society here in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Peter McVerry trust is committed to working in close cooperation and partnership with statutory agencies and other organisations in the field of homelessness

Entry is completely free for all our events in 2020 including those with international guests, donations are completely at the discretion of our clientele, please remember that a little can go a long way.”

Pygmalion booker Colin Perkins

Pygmalion (Facebook)

Dublin nightclub drops entry fee and asks for charity donation instead (Una Mulally, Irish Times)

Thanks Colin

A tent in Parnell Square, Dublin last month next to a message on the pavement saying, “If I’m not here then please just give the change to my fiance who is in the tent unwell”

This morning.

As a group of doctors and pharmacists from Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway, we wish to make an appeal on behalf of a constituency who will not be voting in the forthcoming election.

We provide medical services to the homeless communities and rough sleepers in our respective cities, the most marginalised and unrepresented group in society.

Currently this vulnerable group of patients are required to pay a €2 levy per prescription item.

These patients are forced to choose between paying up to €20 per month on prescription charges or funding essentials such as food and/or their addiction.

This minuscule, perverse tax actually results in higher costs for our already overburdened health system. It acts as a deterrent to these patients who are most in need of medical treatment.

Medicine is prescribed but not collected. Coughs become pneumonia, cuts become cellulitis, sores become septic.

Minor ailments which could be easily treated with a prescribed medication become ambulance calls, emergency department presentations and hospital admissions.

We know that a substantial number of these presentations could be avoided by the simple abolition of the prescription charge for this vulnerable group.

There will be much talk of healthcare over the next few weeks. Can we please eliminate this unnecessary and unhelpful charge for the most marginalised and voiceless?

Dr Kieran Coleman, GP,

Dr Patrick O’Donnell, GP,

Richard Collis, Pharmacist,

Prof Peter Weedle, Pharmacist,

Dr Austin O’Carroll, GP,

Dr Maitiu O’Tuathail, GP,

Frank McAnena, Pharmacist,

Homeless people and prescription charges (The Irish Times letters page)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Miller’s Pizza Kitchen, Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 2



Miller’s Pizza Kitchen (Facebook)

The Story of James.

Louise Hannon writes:

An interview with James who lives in a soggy tent by a roadside in Dublin watching rough sleepers die.

From the perspective of FG who are not building social housing in the numbers needed, this man is just collateral damage. Expendable.

We are better than this.

Louise Hannon

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