14 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

    1. Martco

      more so than usual?

      of other storylines… I’ve had one or two low moments in my own life, one in particular had me considering an early exit. But even in my darkest hours I’d never ever ever ever ever have considered taking my child with me. I’ll never understand this behaviour.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I have a soft spot for Brendan O’Connor.
      He makes me laugh, unintentionally.

      for example;
      Today, he finishes off with the following ‘quote’from an un-named ‘senior source’ of some sort:
      ”We all still have our jobs, don’t we? And that’s the important thing:”

      He has some neck.

      Short answer Hog is ‘NO’.
      -He hasn’t got a clue without his autocue, and you can tell him I said that.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I just told him what you said

        he snorted, grabbed his testicles with both hands, did a sort of pelvic thrust, spat into the air and snorted again

        he said you’d know what that meant

    2. Kenny Plank

      No, he’s too busy telling us about what he thinks we think about disability and carers. What a total asswipe.

  1. Topsy

    Ye, the same useless piece was sacked from the Saterday night show, but that doesn’t matter because he gets another gig midweek. A useless git paid by Joe Public.

  2. Kenny Plank

    Would Brendan O’Connor ever F Off using his daughter’s disability as a cover for writing BS articles about disability. He hasn’t a CLUE what Irish people think about the matter. As long as he can sell more newspapers for Dinny…

      1. Kenny Plank

        See a therapist about your resentments and anger, snowflake. Everyone knows how hard it is to be a carer. Nobody assumes a “happy-clappy” stance on the issue. BOC of course, believes the rest of us do. How much does he earn from the Sindo and other gigs? Like he knows how tough it really is out there.


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