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This morning.

Annexbis writes:

Further Luas works between North Circular Road and Cabra Road, Dublin 7 (pic 1) and the other side of Cabra Road (pic 2)..

Via Luas:

The Cabra Stop will be located within the former Broadstone Railway Cutting, north of the Fassaugh Road overbridge and will have lateral platforms. Access to the stop will be provided from Fassaugh Road and via Mount Bernard Park serving the existing residential community.


Cabra (Luas Cross City)

22 thoughts on “Track To The Future

  1. SB

    Would have been great if we’d thought of building a cycle lane on top of the new Luas line while construction is underway, assuming the overhead lines could co-exist safely. Bridges as in picture 1 might be an issue for the larger cyclist (> 10cm tall) though

      1. SB

        A nice direct, safe, separated-from-vehicles cycle path. Like the way everyone walked the Green line during the Luas strike – most direct route into town.

    1. Daddy

      I can see where you’re coming from but a little think about that will soon render the idea… MADNESS.

    2. Kenny Plank

      “a cycle lane on top of the new Luas line”

      So cyclists could like cycle along a wire or something? Could they not just get the Luas?

    1. mauriac

      a different world is possible.most Americans travelled via electric trolley cars before the Rockefeller oil monopoly bought up hundreds just to shut them down.

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Phibsboro has so much going for it but has been neglected and abused for decades.
    Richly deserves this investment. Hopefully the return of the tram, arrival of DIT, renovation of (horrible) shopping centre will right some of the wrongs meted out over the years.
    ..and the Dalymount stadium redevelopment. Landsdowne Road’s sure put D4 on the map.

    1. Billy Kremlin

      Dalymount is being redeveloped? Interesting, i live right beside it. Its in dire need of a serious bit of TLC.

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