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This morning.

Annexbis writes:

Further Luas works between North Circular Road and Cabra Road, Dublin 7 (pic 1) and the other side of Cabra Road (pic 2)..

Via Luas:

The Cabra Stop will be located within the former Broadstone Railway Cutting, north of the Fassaugh Road overbridge and will have lateral platforms. Access to the stop will be provided from Fassaugh Road and via Mount Bernard Park serving the existing residential community.


Cabra (Luas Cross City)



Jacky Grainger defied death cycled from College Green to Westmoreland St and on to O’Connell Street in Dublin.

The journey prompted her to write an open letter to Dublin City Council.

She wrote:

Hi Dublin City Council, after nearly being crushed to death under a car wheel [yesterday] morning trying to cycle in one tiny lane shared by buses, cyclists, cars and taxis, from College Green on to Westmoreland St, I then faced, (as all cyclists on this route do every day) the prospect of this ‘wall of steel’ in order to get from Westmoreland St straight down onto O’Connell St.

This is the scene every single day here, right outside Bewleys (Starbucks, whatever) if you’re going straight ahead. I am not a nervous cyclist by any means, but this is absolutely *terrifying*.

Most bus drivers here do their best I feel to look out for us – but they shouldn’t have to! And I’ve had more than one conversation with bus drivers hanging out their window who think it’s ridiculous too!

There is NO provision for cyclists here and it is only a minor *miracle* that’s someone has not been killed yet. What is being done about it and when can we expect change?

In fairness.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 09.18.15

The Luas works outside Trinity College Dublin in late December

Finn Murphy writes:

“Just a heads-up to the cyclists of Dublin this morning. I was coming around by Trinity where they are laying the new Luas tracks and have temporarily filled them back in, well filled in all of it except for a few tiny bits of track that they seem to have forgotten about and I think you can guess what happened next.”

Sitting in work now with a huge bruise on my face and scraped-up hands and legs. Great way to start the week!”

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Dublin City Council writes:

“The council announced today that work will begin on the St. Stephen’s Green Traffic Management Scheme on 9th September and expects all work to be completed by late November this year.”

“The new arrangements will make it easier for public and private transport to travel around St. Stephen’s Green, while also improving access to car parks in the area and reducing the need to use Dawson Street as a through route. The most significant changes are new right turns at St. Stephen’s Green’s junctions with Harcourt St and Merrion Row. Other improvements will include new cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings, dublinbikes stations and measures which will improve bus operations around St. Stephen’s Green.”

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