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  1. OirishToimes

    Why pay council rent when nobody else bothers?

    Why pay your overpriced mortgage when nobody else bothers?

    Why pay your overpriced rent when the PRTB can’t/won’t do anything when you stop paying?

    If we stratify people on a scale of 1-10, those at the bottom, 1 and 2 are doing exceptionally well compared to every other country in the world.

    Those in 3 to 4 are objectively better off in the social welfare system (the money isn’t great, but the hours aren’t bad…) Anyone with a bit of cop on can get a nixer here and there.

    Those in 5 to 8 are probably better off emigrating. The tax rates in Ireland are penal. What you pay in to the “system” (lol) doesn’t pay you back, the rules are always changing and you can’t rely on Irish public services for when you need them. 9 and 10 are doing ok – usually tapping the public purse somewhere along the line.

    Maybe the eradication of the middle classes is by design? A cosy group of Irish aristocracy and swathes of plebs arguing among each other?

    It’s some “New Ireland” that we’ve created! EU money propping up this madness is not addressing the underlying issues and only prolongs the misery for the poor sods trying to “do the right thing” as the Catholic church taught them to do in school.

      1. Adama

        That’s your honest opinion? So much for shades of grey then. Just black and white. The light and the dark..

    1. Anne

      “why pay council rent when nobody else bothers”

      Necessities like weed and booze are more important? Loser.

  2. f_lawless

    The Obama administration is really starting to look like a joke now. Putin’s brokering a peace deal Syria between Assad and the rebels; meanwhile Obama persists with the fabricated narrative about Russian hacking, timing the sanctions to try and tarnish Putin’s moment. Sorry, “take our word for it” is not good enough anymore!

    1. jimmy russell

      putin is literally hitler he started the war in syria and now he just wants to make Obama look bad plus there is no doubt that russia hacked into the election and changed the outcome Hillary was clearly going to win like brexit we need to push for a second election where the people’s voices can be heard and not swayed by gossip, hearsay and fearmongering

      1. scottser

        you know jimmy, i don’t mind your right-wing trolling masquerading as idiot-liberalism but please, please learn to use a full-stop.

          1. Kenny Plank

            Nobody could ever accuse Grammar Nazis of being anti-semantic.

            H’e entitled to his own opinions. Not his own facts mind. But the nuance of the narrative has never been a strong point on the Internet.

  3. Peter Dempsey

    Oirish Times
    No point complaining here. Broadsheet and Rabble have nothing but contempt for the squeezed middle class.

    1. OirishToimes

      Yeah but who cares?

      I gave up on Ireland a year or two ago. I’m now a home owner, walk to work and have a fast car for the weekends. I regret not moving sooner and “believing” for so long. The wasted years invested in Ireland I won’t be getting back.

      I hate New Ireland. I hate Ireland’s shallow pathetic culture, how it turned its back on Britain, how it abandoned its roots and became nothing more than a cap in hand beggar for printed money from Europe. Yet RTE, the Irish Times, thejournal.ie, etc. still peddle emerald tinted hubris about our relevance in the world and how everyone loves us. Not because of anything we’ve achieved in the world, but simply because we’re Irish and we’re great craic altogether.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Say what you want but she’ll go down as one the best female leaders ever. Cant really compare our lot.

      1. Anomanomanom

        You talk some shit. Your completely made up story should have ended with “fast car”, how old are you.

  4. Jake38

    Too true. I wonder when the remains of the middle class will finally have enough of paying for everything?

    1. OirishToimes

      Lol. Why do you think a prosperous middle class is desirable?

      The plan is to obliterate prosperity, independence and freedom.

      The biggest threat to our low quality, pond-life (mediocre is too generous) establishment is an independent, free-thinking citizenry that aspires to better things and holds those in charge of the tax take to account. The path of least resistance, most profitability and most comfort is what we have today.

      The middle class is the route from poverty to prosperity (and vice-versa). Our establishment wants nobody playing snakes and ladders for fear someone might do better than them.

      Nobody cares. And sure if all goes t*ts up, there’ll be another bailout from ECB, Noonan will run another bond auction and the gold plated pensions will be paid regardless. Amen.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Nice headline from the Irish Daily Mail, must be stuck for news… bigger issue is sentencing being influenced by the perps genitalia – a x6 difference in the UK for the same crimes

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Hi Starina, I hope you won’t be so timid as to run away from the link and declare it untrustworthy, as it is an MRA site.

        Please note that, Philip Davies, a British elected MP (also an MRA, recently elected to the UK parliamentary Women & Equality Committee) debated these figs in UK parliament, and did so successfully. Part of the reason for his nomination to the committee, I believe.

        Anyhow, I hope you find the link useful.

        “Men are subject to massive gender discrimination in the criminal justice system. If male offenders were treated in the same way as female offenders there would be only ONE-SIXTH of the number of men in prison. About 68,000 men would not be in prison if they were female, leaving a male prison population of only 13,000.”

        Happy New Year, and may it bring in a more honest and equitable society… I do hope.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          (Philip Davies ad hominid attacks will not be accepted as relevant responses to the facts in the stats. He’ll, I don’t particularly like all the guy does either, but he’s not the point, the stats are)

          1. Anne

            So you’re asking us to leave aside the fact that he’s not credible. She said credible sources like.

            Tis a pity you’re only all about the wimmins when talking about those women hating middle eastern male refugees that you don’t want to help.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            No Anne ya beautiful numpty, I didn’t say that, you did.
            I didn’t say he was not credible, but that the usual buffoons will attack his character (just because he is an MRA) and ignore the independently verified facts.

            As for your second bit… you’ve leveled that nonsense accusation a few times. It’s baseless, and tedious.
            Just bc u disagree with something, you then interpret it to suit your own wishes… plse stop, thanks :)

          3. Anne

            “No Anne ya beautiful numpty,”

            Beautiful huh. How condescending

            Even what you said above, isn’t what your not very credible source said.

            You said – “x6 difference in the UK for the same crimes”
            Your not credible source “I conclude that the average disparity factor of 3.4 is predominantly due to gender bias.”

            We can all conclude what we like, like.. but it doesn’t make it so.

            More men commit crime, ergo more men end up with prison sentences. Simples.

            And it’s funny how you’re only concerned about sexism towards women when you’re telling us all the men out east are misogynists.

          4. Clampers Outside!

            x6 more inmates behind bars Anne. Because they get longer and harsher sentences for the same crimes than women.

            OK Anne, x3.4 on ‘sentencing’; and a resulting x6 more inmates behind bars because of the sentencing. Plse excuse the mix up in typing.

            Glad to clarify that discrimination for you, discrimination in both ‘x6’ in numbers of inmates and ‘x3.4’ in time to be served in sentencing which you clearly see as not worthy of attention… sick and disgusting such as that organised and societal approved discrimination is.

            And no Anne, it’s not funny, not funny at all.

          5. Clampers Outside!

            Anne, just so you know.

            The facts on sentencing and numbers of inmates were originally brought to attention when feminists wrongly claimed that women were more discriminated than men in prisons… and then an investigation into the claims (in the UK) was started.

            It’s a classic back fire in the face of deluded feminist lies and bull sh**.

            You gotta love facts, eh.

          6. Anne

            “x6 more inmates behind bars Anne. Because they get longer and harsher sentences for the same crimes than women.

            Eh no.. it’s because more men are offenders.

            Table 2, from your link
            2009 –
            91,762 men sent to prison.. this represented 8.8% of male offenders. So there were 1,042,750 offenders, of which 91.2% were not sent to prison . I did those sums for you there, as your not very credible source wasn’t pointing out anywhere.

            Same year –
            8,098 women were sent to prison. This represented 2.6% of female offenders. 311, 461 total female offenders.
            So that’s 97.4% who didn’t get sent to prison.

            No information there on repeat offenders either, but 3.34 is the true disparity factor there.. that’s 1,042,750 male offenders to 311, 461 female.

      1. Zena

        Happy New Year to you too Clampers. To hold a different opinion does not warrant cat calling and insults. Get over yourself.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          To hold an “opinion”…. an “opinion” that believes discrimination is warranted in sentencing because one person has a Penistone other not…

          No, darling, that makes you a sexist to believe such.

          Get over your delusional thinking.

          1. Richie

            Clampet, a good long stretch at being a Cuckold will soon put you in your place, soon make a decent man of you.

  6. Zena

    With every response you let yourself down a little bit more. Keep going, you fine representation of all things male.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      @Zena At least I’m not deluding myself with feminist lies and claptrap.
      And, why thank you.

      @Winner It’s easy to just appear angry when one goes against the common heuristic thinking of the day. Thank you for your concern, but no, I have not been castrated.

      @Anne …whatever Anne, your refusal to see the fact that women get off light by the nature of not having a penis is proof of your “ideological” mindset, and inability to break from it’s embedded so called “patriarchal” heuristic. Nothing I can do about that.

      @Richie LOL ;0)

      Egalitarianism before feminism.
      Equality not ideology.

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